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May 2010 Paris: PaperMonster Solo Show

January 29, 2010
“PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy”
PaperMonster Solo Show
May 2010. Paris, France
More Details Coming Soon!!

Photo Courtesy of 13thwitness.

For You

January 27, 2010
Below you can check out some new pictures from PaperMonster’s Give and Take project as well as photography from KCRussell. KC has been a great friend from several years now and he has a great eye for capturing artists and art. Check out his photography over at
for more info.
PaperMonster Give and Take Project
Photography by KC Russell



I Know

January 25, 2010
It has been an exciting couple of weeks working on new concepts and developing some new techniques. You can catch a photo of one of my latest pieces titled “I Know” which illustrates some of these new qualities that I am exploring. Also, stay posted to some VERY big news coming up later this week. Enjoy
PaperMonster PaperMonster- I Know
Click on image to view larger.

Give And Take

January 22, 2010
The PaperMonster Give and Take Project continues even in this cold weather. Below you can check out some latest additions to the project with more images to come. Enjoy
PaperMonster Give And Take Project spotted in Brooklyn, NY
Click on images to view larger.

Venice Beach

January 20, 2010
Spencer over at Leased Ferrari (HERE) sent over some great street shots of PaperMonster stickers around Venice Beach, California. You can catch some of my favorites below and make sure to visit which is a fantastic site for art, music, streetwear and everything else. Enjoy

Thanks Spencer!!


January 18, 2010
Work in progress photo of new PaperMonster painting. Stay posted for more progress photos of new paintings. Enjoy



January 13, 2010
Check out some detail shots of upcoming PaperMonster paintings and projects. More details to come. Enjoy