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FREE: Phone Wallpapers From PaperMonster (iPhone/G1/Blackberry Storm/iPodTouch)

July 31, 2009
As I have been working on many new paintings, I wanted to share some new images and wallpapers that you can use for your phone or mobile devices. They are all completed FREE and you can share them with your friends or anyone you know!!

The first batch of images match both the Blackberry storm and the iPhone/iPodTouch and the last two fit the dimensions for the G1 phone. All of the images below have the set dimensions for your device and all you need to do is save the photo you like most. You can follow these instructions ( if your need some tips and you are ready to go.

Also, you can download previous PaperMonster Wallpapers for your phones at the following links or just type into the search engine on the side:



These new images are from my series titled “NEVER”. Enjoy

PaperMonster- Never Again

(Click on Image To View Proper Dimensions)

PaperMonster- Never Leave Me
(Click on Image To View Proper Dimensions)

PaperMonster- Comfort

(Click on Image To View Proper Dimensions)
PaperMonster- Your Will Never Know
(Click on Image To View Proper Dimensions)

INTERVIEW:: PaperMonster @ Art Nouveau Magazine

July 28, 2009
I recently sat down with Art Nouveau Magazine (HERE) for an interview about my art, my blog, the “Give and Take” project, my influences and stencil art in general. It was a wonderful interview with very interesting questions such as what the role does the internet play in the lives of current artists, the importance of color in my work, and what is my ultimate goal as an artist?
For More on Art Nouveau Mag and the PaperMonster interview visit:

PaperMonster Interview:

Info Via Art Nouveau Magazine:

ANM: When did you first know you were an artist?
PM: We are all artists. We create and destroy and can make something out of nothing. That is really the essence of the word artist. We create because we not only want to express ourselves, but we want to share what we have with the world….
ANM: You blog extensively, how important is blogging to building a fan base?
PM: My blog in all honesty is my life. It helps me share my work, share what I love, and get feedback on what I am doing. I think that not just blogs but the internet as a whole has really opened up the doors for a lot of opportunity to where if you are interested in art or a specific show you can see it all before an event opens to the public . My blog and any other social networking site serve one major role. I control myself…… Fore More Visit (HERE)

Click on Images to Visit Interview


UPCOMING: Jinxed Gallery “Friends Stoning Friends” Aug 28 feat PaperMonster

July 27, 2009
Jinxed Gallery (HERE) will be having a wonderful group show curated by JoKa on August 28th titled “Friends Stoning Friends” in Philadelphia featuring PaperMonster. This show is one that you will not want to miss and make sure to put it in your calendars!! Jinxed Gallery is located off South Street in Philadelphia right down from Jim’s Steaks. More details coming soon.Jinxed Gallery
620 S 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147-1525

Check out the artists list below.
Click on images to view larger.


OPENING PHOTOS: NYC PaperMonster and Leon Ranbow @ Latin Mixx Conference

July 24, 2009
The Latin Mixx Conference was a HUGE success. This year the conference featured some wonderful events including an exhibition of myself (PaperMonster) and Leon Rainbow’s work.The location was breathtaking at the New York Times Center. A ton of people stopped by the event and it was great to meet some new faces and have some old friends stop by. Even Joshua from (HERE) came from DC to drop by and we did a great interview session. His questions were awesome. My next event in the NYC area will be a group show in November and I will have more details coming soon. Catch photos of the event below:::
Click on images to view larger

NJ Graffiti Festival Summer 09. More info on this coming soon. Very excited about all of the events planned.

Live Painting by PaperMonster and Leon Rainbow. Leon did this fantastic piece using acrylics. Extremely Talented.
PaperMonster and Renny
Latin Mixx Conference
Renny, Prolow, Shawn, Barker, PaperMonster and Leon Rainbow


PHOTOS: Progress Shots of Upcoming Stencil Art Pieces

July 21, 2009
I have been working on many new stencil art pieces, some of which will be displayed at my upcoming exhibition this Wednesday, July 22nd as part of the Latin Mixx Conference ( at the New York Times Building in NYC from 10am to 6pm. You can catch some progress and detail photos below. Make sure to come to the event and say you are there to see PaperMonster and you can get a reduced admission into the conference!!
Click on the images to view larger.

Me (PaperMonster) and my beautiful assistant Renny. She takes the best photos!!


SITE ROUNDUP: Give and Take Project

July 21, 2009
As artists it is a great honor to be recognized and featured on any publication whether it is a magazine, a website or a book. Below you can catch some great sites that have recently covered PaperMonster’s Give and Take Project. These sites cover everything including clothing, music, movies and arts. Feel free to check out links to some wonderful websites below and share them with your friends. Definite must BOOKMARK Sites!!


NJ: Oh Say Can You SCREEN! Asbury Lanes Group Show feat PaperMonster

July 21, 2009
This past fourth of July weekend marked the opening of “Oh Say Can You Screen” group show at the Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ (HERE). The show featured screen printed works from some incredibly talented artists. If you have not been to the Asbury Lanes, it is a place that you do not want to miss out. There is never a dull moment. Catch more of the Asbury Lanes at the following link:
Photos Via:
Click on the photos to view larger.



NYC: PaperMonster At The New York Times Building Gallery July 22nd Wednesday

July 16, 2009
On Wednesday July 22nd PaperMonster will be a featured artist along with Leon Rainbow for the Latin Mixx 2009 Conference in New York City. I will be having an exhibition of works at the New York Times Building (Gallery) from 10am to 6pm as part of the conference. I would love for everyone to stop by whether you have a lunch break, you took off work, or you have summer vacation and are jobless. No Problem!! Stop by and catch some free stickers and other goodies. Here is the info on the event:

TimesCenter (New York Times Building) NYC Gallery
Day: Wednesday July 22nd
Time: 10am to 6pm
Check out the photos below click on the flier for the event.

Preview of some upcoming stencil art pieces that you can catch at the show.

Click on image above to learn more about the Times Center.


NYC: PaperMonster Give and Take Project

July 14, 2009
I am very excited to show some new images from my “Give and Take” Project. The city is full of treasures, texture and communication. The new pieces for the project attempt to capture the decay of colors and textures of the street and give them new life. It is great to explore new locations around the city and visit some classic spots that are sure to never disappoint, such as the Candle Building on Wooster Street. I think the project is going in the right direction and I can’t wait to see what direction it takes me in. Enjoy the images below and feel free to send me your thoughts at

Not sure of the name of the street artist who placed the bowl of cherries but together, along with the glare from the trees this picture turned out great.
Paper Monster

Os Gemeos Mural: NYC Bowery and Houston

July 13, 2009
On Sunday, I took a moment to head over to the Os Gemeos Mural on Bowery and Houston. This project just one word: IMPRESSIVE. If you are in the New York City Area, you have to take a look at this mural. Touch it, view it up close or from far away. However you like. Os Gemeos are bringing together so many techniques and colors that the mural is sure to impress many people. Although the entire mural is not fully completed, you can tell from the pictures below that this is truly a masterpiece being put together. One thing I noticed during my visit was: THE SUN. Os Gemeos has been working under incredibly harsh sunlight and heat. From anyone who paints outdoors these conditions can really give your body a beating. The level of talent really shines and there is no question that the final product will be breath taking.

Catch detailed images of part of the mural below::

Click on Images to View Larger

Notice the beautiful use of stencils in everything from scales to clothing. Great Job.

The patterns and stencils caught my eye right away.




July: PaperMonster’s Favorite Things

July 9, 2009
This months PaperMonster’s Favorite Things are all over the place. You will see headphones, twins and art, razor scooters and blogs. First we have Sony Headphones to go with your favorite media device that come in what color your may ask? Teal!! Yes, Teal!! Followed by the headphones you can find progress shots of Os Gemeos new mural project in NYC over at Houston and Bowery which was once home to Keith Harings’s mural. I can’t wait to take a look at it and have images of the final mural on Sunday. One of the most exciting updates this month involves (HERE) new site layout and addition of artists blogs. You can catch a huge list of talented artists from a wide spectrum of art forms including PaperMonster (HERE) . I am extremely humbled and honored to be working alongside such talented people who have a true passion for what they create and love for art. Finally, check out this INSANE video of Razor Scooter tricks. You will be blown away. Enjoy
Sony MDR-EX35B Bumpin Buds Headphones in Blue/Blue: Purchase at your local Best Buy.
For your own PaperMonster Wallpaper Visit: HERE and HERE

Os Gemeos Mural Images Via:

Os Gemeos Mural Images Via: Blogs
For More Visit:



PREVIEW: Urban Decay Group Show Aug 14th Featuring PaperMonster

July 7, 2009
I wanted to share some photos of some upcoming pieces for a group show curated by SOULE (HERE) featuring a variety of urban artists including PaperMonster on August 14th at the Bherd Studios in Seattle, Washington. There will be several PaperMonster pieces in the show but I wanted to share three that I have you can feast your eyes on. Click on the flier below for more info:::

August 14th 2009

Bherd Studios

8537 Greenwood Ave. N,

Suite 1,Studio D

Seattle, WA 98103

Click on flier to view more info.

PaperMonster- Unknown (Part 1/ Part 2)

PaperMonster- In The Wind


Brooklynite Gallery (NYC) Pop Up Store feat. PaperMonster

July 6, 2009
PaperMonster currently has some limited edition work over at Brooklynite Gallery’s (HERE) Summer Pop-Up Shop in Brooklyn. The gallery space also has a fantastic solo show from Ben Frost (Australia).
632 East 11th Street
(Between Avenue B & C)
Store hours: Thursday – Saturday 2pm – 8pm
June through the end of August
Click on the images below to view more info or visit: Work by Ben Frost
Also, watch out for details on PaperMonster first group show in Brooklyn coming in November.


PaperMonster Stickers At Your Door

July 6, 2009
Check out the photo Matt sent over with his PaperMonster stickers and his stencil work in progress in the background all they way from California. Great job Matt. Keep it going.

Liz Claiborne New York Update!!

July 1, 2009
This morning came to a fantastic start as I recieved a great email from Alexia of Liz Claiborne New York (HERE) Marketing with an original image from the national ad campaign featuring not only beautiful fashion but designer Issac Mizrahi. In the email Alexia wrote:
“To answer your question, there was a discussion as to whether or not the graffiti should be photoshopped out. Ultimately the decision was made to keep it in. The whole goal for our national ad campaign was to keep the environment as real as possible. Being that graffiti is a natural element in the urban atmosphere, we just went with what the scene had to offer.”
She is absolutely correct!! Urban art and graffiti are truly natural elements of our environment and they exemplify communication between people and their environment as well as the urge and desire to create. Fantastic job!!
For More On Liz Claiborne Visit:
Click on image to view larger.