Liz Claiborne New York Update!!

July 1, 2009
This morning came to a fantastic start as I recieved a great email from Alexia of Liz Claiborne New York (HERE) Marketing with an original image from the national ad campaign featuring not only beautiful fashion but designer Issac Mizrahi. In the email Alexia wrote:
“To answer your question, there was a discussion as to whether or not the graffiti should be photoshopped out. Ultimately the decision was made to keep it in. The whole goal for our national ad campaign was to keep the environment as real as possible. Being that graffiti is a natural element in the urban atmosphere, we just went with what the scene had to offer.”
She is absolutely correct!! Urban art and graffiti are truly natural elements of our environment and they exemplify communication between people and their environment as well as the urge and desire to create. Fantastic job!!
For More On Liz Claiborne Visit:
Click on image to view larger.

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