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May: Orlando, FL “Something Worth Goint To” Group Show

March 31, 2010
The end of May is far away (that rhymed) and Redefine’s 3rd annual art event titled “Something Worth Going To” will be May 21st in Orlando (HERE). I am very happy to be taking part in this event and it will feature over 30 talented artists, 22 wall murals, live art, and free give aways!! To find more on Redefine visit:
Stay tuned for more details coming soon.
Click on the flyer to view larger.

FREE !! Enjoy

March 29, 2010
While 3D movie prices are trying to be raised up to $4+ (more info HERE) from their current $15+ price tag why not watch two great movies/videos for free. Below check out two recent findings which were a fantastic watch. The first is the Beautiful Losers Movie via FreshNerd (HERE) and the second is the preview video for Turmkunst 2010(HERE). Turmkunst is the project of a lifetime if you think about it. The video speak for itself and if this is the direction that urban/street/contemporary art is going it is extremely exciting.
Beautiful Losers 2008
Tumrkunst 2010

Happy Birthday PaperMonster!!

March 26, 2010
PaperMonster is officially the big 25!! What better way to celebrate than share some new photos of what I have been cooking up in the studio. With the weather getting warmer on the east coast I have been putting the final touches on a bunch of new paintings and evolving past stencils. You can catch a quick snapshot of what I mean below. Stay posted because this spring/summer is looking to be one of the most exciting seasons EVER!!
Guess who got a new camera for his Birthday? ME!!
I have been cutting a bunch of these tiny beautiful flowers for many of the new paintings experimenting with different types of papers and effects.
I ran into this gem of paper while creating the collage work for a new piece.
Hulk Hogan vs IronMan? Who would win?

Thank You!!

March 24, 2010

I wanted to say a huge THANKS to everyone who covered the most recent PaperMonster x Abztract “True Identity” print. I am extremely grateful for all of the help from, Vandalog, MyModernMet, Freshnerd, Hooked-blog, Grab Magazine, SpankyStokes, PosterDistrict, Drymounted, Leased Ferrari, Curated Mag, SensesLost, Hypemuch, PostersAndPrintsBlog, Cylones Magazine, The Blot Says, OMGPosters, FlightPattern, World Graffiti, Graggregator, CultureShoq, and many more. If you love art, music, toys, clothing, and everything in between you have to check out the sites listed above. For more info on the PaperMonster Print Visit (HERE)

**If you have written about the print and I have not added you to my links sections (on the right) feel free to contact me at and I can add your link**
Thanks again


PaperMonster @

March 22, 2010
PaperMonster has joined (HERE) as a contributor covering all things related to stickers including artists profiles, street shots, sticker collaborations and much more. If you are interested in urban art sticker culture this is a site to keep your eyes on.Other contributing artists include Billi Kid, Biafra, Bomit, Busart, Case, Crimson Cisa, Ekser, Endless Canvas, Evil Design, Evoker, Faro, Mad One, Monsta, Newmind, NoseGo, Omino 71, Onevis, Robots Will Kill, Rombos, Skam, Visual Narcotics, and many more. If you would like to be featured on check out below for contact info.
For Submissions to feel free to contact PaperMonster or StreetArtStickers at the following email contact:



April 3rd Venice, CA Rogue Status x Abztract Event featuring PaperMonster

March 19, 2010
In less than two weeks Abztract (HERE) and Rogue Status (HERE) will be holding a one night art event. I will have more details on the entire artist line-up and event info which I will post during the week but for now you can catch the event flyer below.
Click on the image to view larger.
Click on the image to view larger.

Photo Explosion Part 2: G40 Art Summit

March 17, 2010
Here is the second batch of photos from the G40 Art Summit curated by Art Whino Gallery. In total there were 5 floors, 500+ artists contributing, and 75,000 square feet… yeah 75 thousand!! The opening party was gigantic and I tried my best to capture some of the best and greatest highlights from the opening. Enjoy the photos and for Part 1 of the photo batch from the show visit (HERE). G40 is open all through the month of March so if you are in the area make sure to catch the show. For more info on the G40 Art Summit visit:
PaperMonsterDrew Storm Graham. Very talented artists. This piece is actually a 3 dimensional sculpture. His work is impressive to say the least. I think I have another photo of Drew’s work below.
This entire room was filled with wires and buttons.

Jim Darling detail of installation
Daryll Peirce Installation

Jim Darling Install
John Koleszar
Angry Woebots live painting
Remi Mead live painting.
Daryll Peirce live painting
PaperMonster and Ren!!
Peter Chang and PaperMonster
Drew Strong Graham’s work.
That image looks like a 2D illustration but it is actually multiple layers installed on the wall. Well done Drew!

Brandon Hill Installtion
Michael Owen Installation
Michael Owen Installation
James Walker installation
James Walker Installation
Loved these photos of old spray cans.
Leon Rainbow

Jazi and Decoy

Emily Greene Liddle
Emily Green Liddle

SUEWORKS and HERM install
Morten Andersen

PaperMonster and Daryll Peirce
Scott Brooks and PaperMonster
Angry Woebots finished live painting
Remi Mead finished live painting
PaperMonster and Angry Woebots
Hope you enjoyed the photos!!