July: PaperMonster’s Favorite Things

July 9, 2009
This months PaperMonster’s Favorite Things are all over the place. You will see headphones, twins and art, razor scooters and blogs. First we have Sony Headphones to go with your favorite media device that come in what color your may ask? Teal!! Yes, Teal!! Followed by the headphones you can find progress shots of Os Gemeos new mural project in NYC over at Houston and Bowery which was once home to Keith Harings’s mural. I can’t wait to take a look at it and have images of the final mural on Sunday. One of the most exciting updates this month involves Juxtapoz.com (HERE) new site layout and addition of artists blogs. You can catch a huge list of talented artists from a wide spectrum of art forms including PaperMonster (HERE) . I am extremely humbled and honored to be working alongside such talented people who have a true passion for what they create and love for art. Finally, check out this INSANE video of Razor Scooter tricks. You will be blown away. Enjoy
Sony MDR-EX35B Bumpin Buds Headphones in Blue/Blue: Purchase at your local Best Buy.
For your own PaperMonster Wallpaper Visit: HERE and HERE

Os Gemeos Mural Images Via:

Os Gemeos Mural Images Via:

Juxtapoz.com Blogs
For More Visit: http://www.juxtapoz.com/blog-index


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