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September 19, 2007

These are some new wood pieces I have been working on. The good thing about re-doing a kitched is you get some good pieces of wood to work on. There are some exciting new projects in the works so stay tuned. Enjoy


FormatMag x PaperMonster Post

September 3, 2007
I have been a huge fan of and all of their incredible work showcasing some of the most significant events and people involved in streetwear and urban culture. They just wrote an amazing post on PaperMonster. You can check it you here:

via FormatMag:

We recently received some new images of works from PaperMonster. PaperMonster’s stencil work continues to evolve at an impressive rate as each of his pieces brings about a new beautiful composition full of vivid images and colors. PaperMonster has recently just updated his site: and it is an impressive display of talent. Be sure to check his blog for more news/projects at


Juxtapoz x PaperMonster Post

September 1, 2007 just wrote an incredible post on PaperMonster. I have a great amount of respect for Juxtapoz. Thank you.
via Juxtapoz:
Stencil graffiti has evolved so much as an art form thanks to the likes of Blek Le Rat, Banksy and Shepard Fairey that a lot of street artists have switched to stencils just for the ease and detail that they provide. With that many people involved there is bound to be plenty of innovation and originality. Following in the footsteps of his foregraffers but blazing his own path is PaperMonster. Utilizing iconic pop imagery, a la Roy Lichtenstein, PaperMonster stencils pattern over pattern over pattern topped with a slimmed down stencil of his pop girl of choice. The outcome is bright and engaging and definitely worth seeing. PaperMonster just launched a new site where you can see most of his work and photos of installations from his exhibitions. Be sure to scope his blog for the hot updates tip.