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Via ::Paper Monster Up In Miami::

January 5, 2010
I wanted to share this recent feature on covering my recent trip to Miami. In the coming weeks/months I will be sharing photos of one of my largest projects to date. I will keep you posted on all the exciting details. You can view the entire post at the link listed below or visit (HERE)
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NOV 2009: Unequalled Magazine PaperMonster Interview

November 18, 2009
Unequalled Magazine (HERE) recently sat down and talked with PaperMonster for their latest collection of artist interviews. I had the pleasure to chatting with Ben Warwick, editor of Unequalled Magazine on a huge range to topics including; stencil art, the commercial value of urban art, accessibility and role of technology, as well as some future plans for the end of 2009 and 2010. You can catch some snippets of the interview below and you can read the full version of the interview at the following link:
Unequalled Magazine’s PaperMonster Interview
Info Via Unequalled Magazine::
Q. You describe yourself as a stencil graffiti artist, would you like to expand on this description to help negate any preconceptions a reader may have.
A. “…..We may be considered vandals but our intentions are to express ourselves, motivate, inspire, and continue a movement of beauty and skill that will outlive our generation and future generations to come….” Fore More Visit (HERE)

Q. Graffiti art as a whole has become more commercial and globally accepted in recent years, how has this affected your approach to your work? Has commercial possibilities completely over taken any initial philosophy/passion that drew you into graffiti art?
A. “….It would be great to be paid thousands for projects and collaborations but my name (PaperMonster) is worth more than any check I could ever get for any project. It lives after I die and after I stop painting. It is a very delicate line we walk when as artists we want attention and recognition but the quality and innovation of our work has to be consistent….”For More Visit (HERE)

Q.You appear to welcome the possibilities of new media platforms/technology, for example the wallpapers you created for increasingly popular smart phones, will fans of your work be able to enjoy more of this in the future or was this purely an exposure move?
A. “I think the whole concept is about accessibility. I want my art to be as accessible to people as possible…..”For More Visit (HERE)
Visit PaperMonster’s Interview at Unequalled Magazie Part 1:
Visit PaperMonster’s Interview at Unequalled Magazie Part 2
Click on image to visit Unequalled Magazine

SITE ROUNDUP: Give and Take Project

July 21, 2009
As artists it is a great honor to be recognized and featured on any publication whether it is a magazine, a website or a book. Below you can catch some great sites that have recently covered PaperMonster’s Give and Take Project. These sites cover everything including clothing, music, movies and arts. Feel free to check out links to some wonderful websites below and share them with your friends. Definite must BOOKMARK Sites!!


ROJO Magazine (Barcelona) “Pure Solid True” Issue featuring PaperMonster

June 16, 2009
A great package just arrive at my door.The latest issue from ROJO Magazine titled “Pure Solid Time.” This new magazine from ROJO is very well done. As you can see below the magazine is thick with 250 pages and features exclusive artwork from very talented artists. You can find PaperMonster in over 6 pages of the magazine. I don’t want to spoil the experience but you can catch some quick images of some of the pages from the magazine below. The latest issue has just been fully released to the public and you can purchase it at the following::
or learn more about ROJO Magazine over at::
for more details.

Rojo Magazine: Pure Solid True

Andrew McAttee and Jose Parla
PaperMonster and Jeff Soto
It was truly an honor to be featured next to Jeff Soto and his work is mind blowing in this magazine.
Chamarelli and James Gauvreau and Anna Pantchev