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Sept 26th: Art Whino Gallery “Life Essentials” Group Show feat PaperMonster

September 23, 2009
This coming Saturday, Art Whino (HERE) will be presenting a wonderful benefit art show and concert on September 26th at the Portals Theater in Washington, DC. The benefit art show and fundraiser will is in conjunction with the International Lifeline Fund (HERE) which conducts humanitarian and environmental projects in Sub-Sahara Africa. I am extremely honored to be a part of this show and hope that you can come out and support in any way possible, If art can be one vehicle for spreading awareness and raising funding for projects that have a global impact whether in a small or large scale I am more than proud to be involved. You can catch a sneak peak into my piece for the show in the images below. For more info on the event and all of the artists taking part in the art show click on images below.
Life Essentials Group Show
The Portals Theater
1236 Maryland Ave
Washington, DC 20024
To buy tickets and more show info go to:
Adam Russell, Adorable Creatures, Anna Davis, Asbestos , Andy Haynes, Anna Thackray, Arabella Proffer, Arisu, Blaine Fontana , Brad Strain , Brandi Read , Bryan Collins , Casey Weldon , Charlie Owens, Chris Bishop, Chris Murray, Chris Sheridan, Daniel Fleres , Dan May, Drew Storm Graham, Dustin Ortiz , Edward Gross, Emily Greene Liddle , Esho, Fred Harper, Graham Franciose , Gregory Ferrand , J Asher Lynch, Jason Snyder , Jimbot
John Collier, John Hung Ha, John Powell, JoKa, Joshua Krause, Julie Steiner, Luis Lorenzana, Justin Lovato, Kareem Rizk, Kelly Vivanco, LECKOmio, Leonor Morais, Lisa Selby, Lucho, Luke Dixon, Marie Barr, Mark Jenkins, Matt Dangler, Mary Spring, Matt Somma, Michelle Caplan, Michael Crockett, Michael Owen, Mikel Glass
Molotov Circus, Molly Crabapple, Morten Andersen, Nishi, Paulo Arraiano, Papermonster, Nicolas Gracey, Papermonster, Raudiel Sañudo, Reuben Rude, Richard Alan Haugh, Richard Salcido, Rick Beaupre, Rick Reese, Rudy Fig, Sam Ramos, Scotch, Scott G. Brooks, Scott Musgrove, Spencer Reynolds, Steven Smith, Sylvia Ortiz, Sugar Power, Terri Woodward, TMNK, Ursula Xanthe Young, Zach Tobias
Click on the images above and below to view more information on this great event.
Click on image to view larger
Click on image to view larger.

OPENING PHOTOS: Jinxed Gallery Philadelphia Group Show feat PaperMonster

August 31, 2009
This past weekends group show over at Jinxed Gallery was great!! JoKa brought together a beautiful range of talented artists together and all of the different styles and techniques meshed well together in one space. Thanks so everyone who came down to view the show and celebrate during the crazy hurricane winds and rain. Make sure to visit Jinxed Gallery’s (HERE) new location as they are currently moving to the Philadelphia art district.
Catch some images of the entire show below.

PaperMonster, Leanne Blank, and Josh Taylor


Nose and JoKa collaboration. JoKa paints with toothpicks…yes toothpicks.

Fantastic piece by Daniel Flores

Erik Siader
This piece is done with acrylic and marker. Insanely small and beautiful.

Philadelphia: Jinxed Gallery Aug 28th Friends Stoning Friends Group Show feat PaperMonster

August 26, 2009
PaperMonster will join friends such as 2H, Andrea Heimer, Celeste Rapone, Clint Meister, Daniel Fleres, Downer, Erik Siador, Illworx, Jessica Gamble, JoKa, Josh Taylor, Justin Cipa, Leanne Biank, Michael Shapcott, Nose, and Porkchop over at Jinxed Gallery for a great group show. The show opens August 28th and PaperMonster will be there handing out stickers, signing everything from t-shirts to socks or even a simple sticky note if you bring it. The show is a must see if you are in the Philly Area. Check out more info on the gallery and a preview of my pieces for the show.
Click on images to view larger.
Friends Stoning Friends
August 28th
Jinxed Gallery
620 S 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147-1525
PaperMonster- Love Lost
PaperMonster- Inkblot



UPCOMING: Jinxed Gallery “Friends Stoning Friends” Aug 28 feat PaperMonster

July 27, 2009
Jinxed Gallery (HERE) will be having a wonderful group show curated by JoKa on August 28th titled “Friends Stoning Friends” in Philadelphia featuring PaperMonster. This show is one that you will not want to miss and make sure to put it in your calendars!! Jinxed Gallery is located off South Street in Philadelphia right down from Jim’s Steaks. More details coming soon.Jinxed Gallery
620 S 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147-1525

Check out the artists list below.
Click on images to view larger.