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Art Basel (Miami) 2009: Art Whino Gallery @ Charcoal Studios and Urbanite Bistro

November 30, 2009
I am heading off to Miami this week for this years Art Basel 2009. I am extremely excited to be painting and showing several pieces this year as part of Art Whino Gallery’s exhibitions. PaperMonster will be doing several live painting sessions thoughtout the three days as well as handing out tons of free stickers and maybe even some free shirts. Please send me an email to if you will be in town for the events and would like to be part of the VIP list for the exhibition events. You can find more info on the entire exhibition schedule at:
Catch the map image and links to more info below. Feel free to send any questions or if you like to meet up in Miami and just chat about at to
Event Locations:
Main Exhibit
Charcoal Studios
Across from the Street From Scope
2135 NW 1st AVE
Miami, FL 33127
Google Maps: (HERE)
More Info HERE
2nd Location
Urbanite Bistro
One block from Pulse
62 NE 14th Street
Miami, FL 33132
Google Maps: (HERE)
More info HERE
Click on image to view Art Basel Schedule
Click On Map To View Larger

More Photos: “Go Get Your Shinebox” at Brooklynite Gallery

November 25, 2009
I was able to get a bunch of new photos from last weekend’s “Go Get Your Shinebox” opening over at Brooklynite Gallery. Also, stay posted for details on where I will be during this year’s Art Basel Miami which takes place next week from December 3-6. Catch images below and you can find more over at the following link:


Opening Photos: Brooklynite Gallery “Go Get Your Shinebox”

November 23, 2009
This past Saturday I headed over to the opening of Brooklynite Gallery’s Go Get Your Shinebox group show. The show was fantastic and it was great to see and meet so many people that I have immense respect for including: Meggs (HERE), Aiko (HERE) , Luna Park (HERE), Shai Dahan (from Abztract ) and other amazing friends that passed by for the show. The night was electric with energy and the participating artists in the show brought some quality work out for the crowd to see and even interact with. My specific shinebox dealt with a Mask Shop and playing with themes of dual identities, mystery, and our dreams of becoming something more than who or what we are today. I also had the opportunity to work on another one of my “Black Holes” along the back walls of the gallery along with artists such as Dain, Specter, Dada, Peru Ana, Billi Kid, Kozbe and Chris Mendoza. Overall I had a blast and it is a great show to end November right before heading out to Miami for Art Basel next week. Catch images of the entire opening below and stay posted for more photos later this week.
For more info on Brooklynite Gallery and the Shineboxes Visit:

PaperMonster working on another “Black Hole”
Dain, Dada, PaperMonster, Specter, and Peru Ana

Far right: Specter wheatpaste
Dain, Dada, PaperMonster

Saddo, Ema
Ame 72

Peru Ana

Thundercut, Ryca and Collin Van Der SluijsAbove: Peru Ana, Gaia, Miss Buggs, Know Hope, 3TTMan, Ana Schwartz, Medo, Marvin Crushler, Lime and more
Various & Gould & Kuuk, PaperMonster, Least Wanted
Various & Gould, PaperMonster, Least Wanted
PaperMonster and Aiko


PaperMonster and Ren
Chris Mendoza painting
Amazing Crowd! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Meggs and PaperMonster. For more on Meggs visit:

Chris Mendoza
Lara, Jess, and Ren
PaperMonster, Lara, Jess, and Ren

PaperMonster shinebox

Penny, Billi Kid, Saddo, Ema, Ame72, Broken Crow, Rae, Anthony Lister, Ben Frost, Ajuma Walker


Saturday NOV 21st @ Brooklynite Gallery “Go Get Your Shinebox”

November 20, 2009
I am very excited about this upcoming show at Brooklynite Gallery opening Saturday, November 21st at 7pm. “Go Get Your Shinebox” is a show that you do not want to miss out. it is going to be huge. Check out the entire lists of artists (HERE). Below catch just a taste of the over 100 artists participating in the show. Hope to see you there!!
Also, check out this great interview on the show’s concept over at (HERE)
Featuring Over 100 Artists
Trying to Survive in This Economy
November 21 – December 19
A or C Subway to UTICA AVE.
Anthony Lister
Billi Kid
Ben Frost
Various and Gould

NOV 2009: Unequalled Magazine PaperMonster Interview

November 18, 2009
Unequalled Magazine (HERE) recently sat down and talked with PaperMonster for their latest collection of artist interviews. I had the pleasure to chatting with Ben Warwick, editor of Unequalled Magazine on a huge range to topics including; stencil art, the commercial value of urban art, accessibility and role of technology, as well as some future plans for the end of 2009 and 2010. You can catch some snippets of the interview below and you can read the full version of the interview at the following link:
Unequalled Magazine’s PaperMonster Interview
Info Via Unequalled Magazine::
Q. You describe yourself as a stencil graffiti artist, would you like to expand on this description to help negate any preconceptions a reader may have.
A. “…..We may be considered vandals but our intentions are to express ourselves, motivate, inspire, and continue a movement of beauty and skill that will outlive our generation and future generations to come….” Fore More Visit (HERE)

Q. Graffiti art as a whole has become more commercial and globally accepted in recent years, how has this affected your approach to your work? Has commercial possibilities completely over taken any initial philosophy/passion that drew you into graffiti art?
A. “….It would be great to be paid thousands for projects and collaborations but my name (PaperMonster) is worth more than any check I could ever get for any project. It lives after I die and after I stop painting. It is a very delicate line we walk when as artists we want attention and recognition but the quality and innovation of our work has to be consistent….”For More Visit (HERE)

Q.You appear to welcome the possibilities of new media platforms/technology, for example the wallpapers you created for increasingly popular smart phones, will fans of your work be able to enjoy more of this in the future or was this purely an exposure move?
A. “I think the whole concept is about accessibility. I want my art to be as accessible to people as possible…..”For More Visit (HERE)
Visit PaperMonster’s Interview at Unequalled Magazie Part 1:
Visit PaperMonster’s Interview at Unequalled Magazie Part 2
Click on image to visit Unequalled Magazine

“Go Get Your Shinebox” Group Show @ Brooklynite Gallery November 21st feat PaperMonster

November 16, 2009
On November 21st Brooklynite Gallery (HERE) will open “Go Get Your Shinebox”. This group show will feature over 100 works from artists all looking to answer the question of how to survive in these economic times by creating their own interpretation of a “Survival Box.” Brooklynite Gallery has commissioned some of their favorite established and emerging artist to take on this challenge and the responses are breathtaking. Artists such as Dain, Miss Bugs, PaperMonster, Anthony Lister, Ben Eine, Jace, Thundercut, Skewville, Ben Frost, Jon Burgerman, Specter, Billi Kid, Know Hope, Kosbe, Gaia, Broken Crow, Hush, and many more have all created a one of a kind box, each taking the concept of the show one step further. Below catch a great video put together by the gallery showcasing some of the boxes as well as images of PaperMonster’s shoeshine box which will be featured in the show. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to see so much talent in one location. For more information and the entire lists of participating visit the Brooklynite Gallery’s Site:

Featuring Over 100 Artists
Trying to Survive in This Economy
November 21 – December 19

A or C Subway to UTICA AVE.

Click on image to view larger.

Click on image to view larger.

Click on image to view larger.


GoldCoin Clothing X PaperMonster Holiday 2009 Shirt

November 13, 2009
GoldCoin Clothing’ new Holiday 2009 line is now available. The line features some great shirts and crew sweaters as well as a special collaboration between GoldCoin (HERE) and PaperMonster. The PaperMonster T-shirt is available in two colorways and features PaperMonster’s distinct paper collage style. For more info visit:
Direct Link to PaperMonster T-Shirt Collaboration: HERE
Catch more images of the line below as well as some great reviews via FormatMag (HERE) and MashKulture (HERE)

Click on Image For: Format Mag Coverage of PaperMonster x GoldCoin Collaboration
Click on Image For: MashKulture Coverage of PaperMonster x GoldCoin Collaboration

PaperMonster x GoldCoin T-Shirt: White Colorway (HERE) or Black Colorway (HERE)




PHOTOS:Old Skoolin For The Children Group Show @ Feat PaperMonster @ Art Whino x Portals Theater Washington, DC

November 11, 2009
The “Old Skoolin For The Children” Group Show hosted by Art Whino Gallery at the Portal Theater in Washington, DC was a huge success. I was able to find some pictures from the opening nights festivities and the turn out of people was great. PaperMonster will be showing and painting as part of Art Whino’s list of events taking place at this years Art Basel in Miami on December 3-6th and I will have more details for you on those events in the coming weeks. Check out pictures of the opening below and make sure to check out:
for more news and images.

PaperMonster and Koleszar

DMC from Run-DMC


Great Crowd


Thanks to everyone who came out!!



November: PaperMonster’s Favorite Things

November 9, 2009
This month’s PaperMonster’s Favorite things are for the most part holiday inspired. The first is Nixon’s newest headphone release titled the “Trooper” which you can bed purchase through the Nixon site for only $50 (HERE) After the headphones we have the EC-f scooter from Yamaha (HERE) which is a eco-friendly electric scooter. In addition to the scooter we have the most recent collaboration between GoldCoin x Argonaut Resin’s latest resin figure which you can find more details about (HERE.) In one word the GoldCoin resin figure is “Impressive” . Some of my favorites for November in terms of media and games are Ken Block’s and Subaru’s latest monster, the Subaru TRAX STI (HERE) which is a snow vehicle unlike anything you have ever seen. You can view a video clip of the vehicle and all its abilities below. Also, one of the most anticipated games of the year is due to be released this week: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (HERE). Needless to say if the game lives up to the current gaming hype it will definitely be recognized as the game of the year. Lastly we have a beautiful video of one of my personal favorite artists as part of the I.Sat series of artists videos (HERE) from Latin America of T-Freak from Sao Palo, Brazil. Enjoy. PaperMonster
Nixon “Trooper” Headphones (HERE)
EC-f scooter from Yamaha More Info: HERE
GoldCoin Clothing x Argonaut Resin (HERE)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: HERE
TitiFreak Video: HERE


Old Skoolin For The Children Group Show Feat PaperMonster @ Art Whino x Portals Theater Washington, DC Sat Nov 7th

November 6, 2009
If you are in the Washington, DC area make sure to stop by “Old Skoolin For The Children” Saturday, Novemeber 7th. Old Skoolin is an art exhibition and fundraiser that PaperMonster proud to be a part of as a contributing artists. DMC from Run-DMC is scheduled to make an appearance so you will not want to miss out on this wonderful event. Check out more info below a click on the flier for more information.
The Portals Theater
1236 Maryland Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20024
Saturday, Nov 7th, from 6pm – 12pm
$25 advance tickets, $35 at the door- Non Profit Donation Entry Fee
Exhibit featuring work by 100+ Art Whino Artists
Art Installation by AM RADIO
Special musical performance by: DMC of Run DMC, and others

DMC from Run-DMC

FREE GIVEAWAY: Newest PaperMonster Stickers

November 4, 2009
The latest PaperMonster Stickers are HERE!!!
The first 50 people to email with your address:
**Thanks for all the emails. The Giveaway is now finished”
will get a FREE sticker pack with the latest designs shipped anywhere in the world.
Also, a very SPECIAL gift will be given to the 1st, 25th and 50th e-mail received.
Act quickly!! Good Luck


Happy Halloween 2009 From PaperMonster

November 3, 2009
One of my favorite days out of the year just passed and you can see by the pictures below why I get so excited about Halloween.

PaperMonster and Ren hitting the streets.
Most of the night I could not see much. That dog nose is huge.
Not pictured: Sebastian’s and my Nike Dunks.