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Winter Clothing Line Updated

November 26, 2006
The Winter Line has just been released for my online clothing store. Click on this link or on the image to enter the online store.

New Stencils!!!What??

November 26, 2006

These are some images of the stencils I have been working on. Please Comment.

This is a stencil of an image by The Cobrasnake.
This stencil is about 4ft tall and it would have been larger if I included both the upper arm and lower leg.

This is what the drawings looked like before being turned into stencils. Also you can see the possible 99Nights poster.


November 13, 2006

My pieces are up for Insanity’s Horse Silent Art Auction!!! I put together about eight pieces for the auction and anyone can bid on them whenever they like during the day as they will be in “THE SPACE.” Insanity’s Horse was one of the first groups to place my art up for public viewing and I thank them for all of their support.


Secret Stenciling Session!!

November 10, 2006

Tonight I had a secret spraying session for a super secret “thing” I will be involved in. Keep a look out for more information after the weekend.


Door Decorating Contest!!!

November 9, 2006

These are some pictures of my door for La Casa Latina’s Door Decorating Contest. My country is Costa Rica this year and I am using the theme of Orchids. I will post pictures of the dorr when it is finished and also the doors of other people who live in La Casa. I am shooting for 2-3rd place.

Click on the image to view larger.


3 New T-Shirts!!!

November 5, 2006

These are images of three new shirt designs I have been working on. Stay tuned: Winter Line Coming Soon To Online Store.

To see larger click on images.
Painter design as seen in The Commons.
Shoe Chef shirt w/ red shoe (Chef-front, shoe-back)
New Bird design. I wanted to see how much detail I could ge on the wings while the body is made up of “V”s.

The Commons Video v.01

November 3, 2006

This is a video we put together at the MRC. Hopefully we will be able to get a better quality online soon. So for now enjoy.!!