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World-Graffiti Interview: PaperMonster

October 13, 2010
I am excited to share one of my BEST and FAVORITE interviews to DATE!! Recently, I sat down with World-Graffiti (HERE) to talk about my work. the current state of the art world, techniques, paint types, what to expect from PaperMonster in the future and a whole ton of other topic. I was really able to tap into all of the things I want everyone to know or learn more about. You can catch the entire interview for yourself at the following link and check out some excerpts from the interview below:
Thanks to World-Graffiti for a fantastic job!!
Click on link to visit entire interview!! 

Via World Graffiti:

WG – Where do you draw influence from?

PM – I don’t directly draw my influence from one source. I think as an artist you have to create what you want. There are pieces that I make that you will never see because I don’t think they say anything about me growing as an artists. The whole goal is to grow and push your own self yet at the same time you need to know what is going on around you and learn from people around you.

If you don’t feed off the creative vibe around you and use it in a productive way then you will never run out of ideas. REPETITION KILLS. I can NOT stand people who repeat the same image over and over and over. Always the same, no evolution, no new ideas!!! I HATE IT. People get really tired of that and it is what is killing the urban art and gallery scene. It is just bad news overall.

You see more and more galleries just use the same artists who do the same exact thing and the entire scene just needs new life. The same goes for magazines. Over and over you see the same artists and that prevents any new talent from gaining exposure and recognition that they rightfully deserve. It is super sad and one of the main reasons people are not buying magazines. Why,when I can see something new every day online since you have not for the past 2 years.

For me I see it this way; If I wanted to have a quick way out of course I could just repeat a stencil 100 times but what does that say about me and about the time I put into what I do and consider a profession.


Via World-Graffiti (HERE)

WG – Did you always combine the stencils with the collage stuff or did it develop over time?

PM – It was a major evolution process from the very beginning. The collage work has just become this huge chaotic mess of newspaper, textured paper, comics, money, paper from Tibet, and a bunch of other elements that I collage together.

In each painting I always put something that you can connect with immediate, whether it is you see Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Ren and Stimpy, Robocop, etc. Once I create that connection then I develop a whole story within the painting so one you are sucked in to the painting you can explore on your own.

The goal now is to take that experience and develop it to something that is stronger and allows the audience to go through more emotions.



Monkee Design: PaperMonster Interview

February 8, 2010
I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Monkee Design (HERE) for an interview on all things new and old with my art. Monkee Design is an industrial design and student resource blog and during the interview we discussed everything from my mindset when creating paintings, the materials I use, what shows are in store for 2010, resources for students interested in urban art and stencil graffiti, and advise for young people with the desire to create. My favorite part of the interview is that it goes through some of my past work and you can see the evolution in style and quality of the paintings that has taken place through time. You can read the entire interview for yourself over at Monkee Design: PaperMonster Interview (HERE) or click on any of the image below.

“I think the main thing is to not limit yourself to what materials you use whether they are physical materials or computer tools and programs. Don’t get stuck in “Oh I only use a certain spray paint brand or Photoshop or Oils,” because you can really box yourself in and prevent some real discoveries for yourself. It helps you we well rounded and better prepared for future opportunities or challenges that may come.” -PaperMonster


“When I first started to paint I had no supplies or resources, and it is the support of people who have purchased my work, provided me with opportunities to show and encouraged me to continue to create that I have been able to make better quality work. I can not thank people enough for how much I appreciate their support. Never forget people that have been by your side since the beginning. “-PaperMonster


“The best piece of advise I can give is: “Take Your Time.” When you are ready then you are ready. I know that sounds like a cliché but it is absolutely true. If you rush your work it will show in the quality. Everyone wants to have solo shows and amazing success but it does not come over night. Take the time to put in a strong effort and people will admire and respect what you do.” -PaperMonster



NOV 2009: Unequalled Magazine PaperMonster Interview

November 18, 2009
Unequalled Magazine (HERE) recently sat down and talked with PaperMonster for their latest collection of artist interviews. I had the pleasure to chatting with Ben Warwick, editor of Unequalled Magazine on a huge range to topics including; stencil art, the commercial value of urban art, accessibility and role of technology, as well as some future plans for the end of 2009 and 2010. You can catch some snippets of the interview below and you can read the full version of the interview at the following link:
Unequalled Magazine’s PaperMonster Interview
Info Via Unequalled Magazine::
Q. You describe yourself as a stencil graffiti artist, would you like to expand on this description to help negate any preconceptions a reader may have.
A. “…..We may be considered vandals but our intentions are to express ourselves, motivate, inspire, and continue a movement of beauty and skill that will outlive our generation and future generations to come….” Fore More Visit (HERE)

Q. Graffiti art as a whole has become more commercial and globally accepted in recent years, how has this affected your approach to your work? Has commercial possibilities completely over taken any initial philosophy/passion that drew you into graffiti art?
A. “….It would be great to be paid thousands for projects and collaborations but my name (PaperMonster) is worth more than any check I could ever get for any project. It lives after I die and after I stop painting. It is a very delicate line we walk when as artists we want attention and recognition but the quality and innovation of our work has to be consistent….”For More Visit (HERE)

Q.You appear to welcome the possibilities of new media platforms/technology, for example the wallpapers you created for increasingly popular smart phones, will fans of your work be able to enjoy more of this in the future or was this purely an exposure move?
A. “I think the whole concept is about accessibility. I want my art to be as accessible to people as possible…..”For More Visit (HERE)
Visit PaperMonster’s Interview at Unequalled Magazie Part 1:
Visit PaperMonster’s Interview at Unequalled Magazie Part 2
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PaperMonster Back Talk Interview

September 16, 2009
I recently had the great opportunity to sit down and have a “Back Talk” interview with (HERE). Such amazing artists as Insa, Mac, Mike Shinoda, Mike Giant and many more talented artists have conducted “Back Talk” interviews in the past and I am extremely humbled and honored to join the list. You can read more at the following link:
If you lost your creative skill, how would you see yourself making a living?…..
Huge Thanks To Juxtapoz.

INTERVIEW:: PaperMonster @ Art Nouveau Magazine

July 28, 2009
I recently sat down with Art Nouveau Magazine (HERE) for an interview about my art, my blog, the “Give and Take” project, my influences and stencil art in general. It was a wonderful interview with very interesting questions such as what the role does the internet play in the lives of current artists, the importance of color in my work, and what is my ultimate goal as an artist?
For More on Art Nouveau Mag and the PaperMonster interview visit:

PaperMonster Interview:

Info Via Art Nouveau Magazine:

ANM: When did you first know you were an artist?
PM: We are all artists. We create and destroy and can make something out of nothing. That is really the essence of the word artist. We create because we not only want to express ourselves, but we want to share what we have with the world….
ANM: You blog extensively, how important is blogging to building a fan base?
PM: My blog in all honesty is my life. It helps me share my work, share what I love, and get feedback on what I am doing. I think that not just blogs but the internet as a whole has really opened up the doors for a lot of opportunity to where if you are interested in art or a specific show you can see it all before an event opens to the public . My blog and any other social networking site serve one major role. I control myself…… Fore More Visit (HERE)

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Senses Lost Interview: PaperMonster

April 25, 2009

I recently had a chance to sit down and do an interview with (HERE). Senses Lost is a fantastic site for art news and everything involving urban art and graffiti. I think the interview turned out really well and it gives people a chance to see and learn new sides of PaperMonster. You can read the entire interview at the following link or click on the image below to visit the site:::


“One of my major goals is to inspire and motivate new people to do what I did in taking a risk and an active role to ultimately share what they can create to the world.”-PaperMonster

“With each painting that travels around the world I can’t physically be there next to it at all times to explain what it means but I want the audience to create their own stories and interpretations of what they see and share their love for my work with other people. One of my favorite things is to receive emails or messages from people that truly love what I do and share it with students they teach or their friends. That is when you know that your art has power and really matters.”-PaperMonster