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Metropolis Gallery: PaperMonster Sneak Preview Before Solo Show (Oct)

June 28, 2008
I have always tried to challenge myself and this upcoming September ( and October (Metropolis Gallery) will prove just how much I have pushed myself for my two solo shows (back to back) to create some incredible and beautiful pieces. All of the pieces for both shows are aimed at being as accessible/affordable as possible to everyone. Metropolis Gallery has just received 5 new pieces from PaperMonster which will show on July 4th before my solo show takes place during October. My Metropolis Gallery Solo Show is going to be a massive event and it will truly go down as a visual feast. Mike Egan (Here) will be having a solo show titled “Praying at the Funeral” taking place on July 4th for Metropolis Gallery so if you are in the area you must check it out.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces below feel free to contact ( or shoot me an email at (
“Poison” 9″x12″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
$90 ::::To Purchase Contact(

“Chase” 1/2 (each sold separately) 9″x12″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
$90 ::::To Purchase Contact(
I truly love these three pieces shown above. They are portions of larger stencils yet they show fantastic emotion. You can catch the original stencil for “Chase” in Stencil Nation by Russell Howze.

“Send Me Home” 11″x14″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
$120 ::::To Purchase Contact(

“Bring Him Home” 11″x14″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
$120 ::::To Purchase Contact(
These last two are a set speaking on the desire for change from both sides (example: wife wanting husband back from war, husband wanting to see family and the role in which politics and this upcoming presidential election will have on our future)

Enjoy and Stay Posted For More!!


Inked SOuls (SneakPreview) ArtWhino xTAGUR feat PaperMonster Aug2nd

June 26, 2008
As promised here is a new sneak preview of the upcoming show “Inked Souls” for Art Whino Gallery ( which will take place on August 2nd from 6pm-Midnight. I will soon have the show flyer which will show the incredible lineup of 32 artist taking part in this monumental show which has been organized by Art Whino and TAGUR ( PaperMonster along with the other artist will exhibit their custom shoe creation along with one canvas piece. The show, lineup of artist and variety custom TAGUR shoes are going to make history. Stay tuned for more info.


Align Center???????????????????????????????????

Stay posted for pics of the shoe and more details on the show coming soon. Enjoy

MelbourneStencilFestival, i am 8-bit, ArtWhinoxTAGUR (Upcoming Shows feat PaperMonster)

June 23, 2008
There are some incredibly exciting things all coming in August!!! While there are two solo shows coming in September and October, PaperMonster will be taking part in the 2008 Melbourne Stencil Festival ( in Melbourne, Australia and the i am 8-bit show ( in California both taking place in August. Check out a sneak previews of two pieces for the i am 8-bit below. Also Art Whino Gallery and TAGUR ( are putting together a very exciting show incorporating beautiful art and custom shoes. PaperMonster will be creating a custom shoe for the show and it is looking to be beautiful.
You can check out a preview of the base colors for the shoe. Much more exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned!!!

The festival is going to blow people away.

Preview of i am 8-bit piece from PaperMonster:::???:::

Who could this be? Lets just say she looks amazing.
PaperMonster x TAGUR for Art Whino Gallery.
They will blow you away. More on this show coming soon.


Ripple: Art Affecting Oceans Show (Art Whino Gallery) feat. PaperMonster

June 20, 2008
There is an exciting and powerful show taking place at Art Whino Gallery:: June 21st 12pm-12am. It is a show celebrating International Surfing Day and it is titled (Ripple: Art Affecting Oceans) The gallery also continues to exhibit some of the fantastic artist part of the Art Whino Family including PaperMonster. There is a wonderful piece for sale/show at the gallery incorporating the water theme. Check out a photo below:::::: Enjoy
Info via Art Whino::::
National Harbor, MD, Art Whino ( announces: Ripple: Art Affecting Oceans. Ripple will be an all day event kicking off at noon with live music, live painting by artist Erik Abel, and children’s and adult craft and environmental awareness activities. Activities and entertainment will be FREE and run until 5pm. Check out the flyer below:::

“City Water/Punch” ($350)

The immediate image that popped up into my mind was when thinking of water was this mix between commercialization of basic needs and the urge/addiction for creating. I really like the piece and you can check it out on display. For purchase info contact:


P.S. A very exciting post coming by this weekend with some sly previews of some work.



Stencil Nation Book (Out Now !!!) Incredible

June 13, 2008
Two beautiful packages came in the mail yesterday. One, the highly anticipated Stencil Nation Book by Russell Howze ( The second package involves a very exciting show coming up fro Art Whino in a couple of months. You can catch a hint towards the end of the post. Now back to talking about Stencil Nation!!
The book is purely and simply one word: PHENOMENAL
It truly captures the roots as well as present/future state of stencil art. In it you will find photos and commentary covering topics/artist throughout the world. The book covers it all from the most simple yet powerful stencils from people just inspired to leave a message, to the most dedicate artists in the world exploring the possibilities of beauty behind stencil art. There is a remarkable Chronology of stencil art history as well as a section purely dedicated to shedding light into the best tips for any artist who is looking to explore and have a hands-on approach to stencil art. I highly suggest you pick up a copy. Bookstores in NYC have already sold out of the book (I have the best sources aka Ren.) Make sure to visit and pick up a copy or visit your local bookstore. If they don’t have it, take a piece of paper and write the name as big as possible for them so they can order it!! A huge thanks to Russell Howze for truly putting a incredible piece of art together. Thank you. Check out some of the appearances by PaperMonster in the book below. Amazing!!

Fantastic cover and great size. There is a slight hint of an upcoming sticker design. What could it be?
This is in the stencil cut-outs section. Fantastic.

Stenciling tips by PaperMonster and several other artist.

TAGUR??? What could this new project be about??? Stay posted!!


CryBaby Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ) GroupShow feat. PaperMonster

June 8, 2008
This past weekend marked an incredible event known as the Tri-City Arts Tour/Festival in NJ bringing together Red Bank, Long Branch, and Asbury Park. CryBaby Art Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ) put together two incredible shows: one solo show by Bethany Marchman and the other a group show featuring PaperMonster, Pilar Alvarez, Shaunna Peterson, KuKula, Kelly Haigh, and Carrie Ann Bade.
Both the show and festival were incredible. I have never seen such a large amount of flow into a gallery from all ages and see so many people with such a true love for the art. The streets were filled with people sharing art and there was everything you could imagine. It was truly a visual grenade for your eyes. Check out some of the pics from the show below and thank you to everyone who came out. I have never handed out so many PaperMonster stickers ever!! It was incredible!! Thanks to everyone again and thanks to CJ, Jenn, and everyone at CryBaby Gallery for an incredible time!!
Here are some pics::::::::

Check out more info on the gallery here:

Amazing crowd and it was great to hand out tons of free stickers!!!
CJ chatting it up in front of KuKula’s work!!

Pieces on display from PaperMonster

Chatting it up on some future collabs.
PaperMonster piece on plexi which received an incredible review from a very drunk man. Amazing!!
KuKula (

Kelly Haigh (

Pilar Alvarez (

More Pilar!!
Solo Show: Bethany Marchman (

Carrie Ann Bade (

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!


DirtyPilot x PaperMonster T-Shirt Release!!!

June 4, 2008
————————————————————————– (Here) has just released a new series of T-shirts designed by several artist including PaperMonster. The designs are fantastic and very powerful. All of the shirts are very affordable and they are incredible quality. You can find two different designs from PaperMonster (black and white, and 5 color.) Be sure to stay posted to DirtyPilot for more incredible shows from very talented artist including an upcoming solo show from PaperMonster. Also, check out the incredible site (Here) which covers all aspects of life and culture. The site is incredible and they did a great post on PaperMonster. Check out the pictures below and to purchase some beautiful T-shirts visit:
All shirts are printed on American Apparel !!!

Much love to Seshn and DirtyPilot for the incredible work!!


West and East Coast Shows This Weekend feat. PaperMonster!!!

June 2, 2008
This weekend is extremely exciting as I will be taking part in group shows on both coast. There are two exhibitions for the release of Stencil Nation, by Russell Howze ( which is an incredible book on stencil art. That is on the West Coast and on the East PaperMonster will be taking part in a show with CryBaby Gallery (HERE) in the beautiful Asbury Park, NJ. Also PaperMonster will be taking part in the incredible show “I am 8-Bit” coming in August which is going to be fantastic. You can catch some pictures of several of the pieces that you can catch at the shows. I am very proud of them. Hope that you like them!!!

Here is the info on the shows:

Friday, June 6
7 PM to Midnight
Revolution Cafe
3248 22nd St. (at Bartlett)
SF, CA 94110
Stencil Collage on Canvas
To purchase contact:

Flower Child
Stencil Collage on Canvas
To purchase contact:

Sat., June 7
Noon to 4 PM
The sidewalk in front of Al’s Comics
1803 Market St. (at Octavia)
SF, CA 94103

Come and Celebrate the Release of Stencil Nation!!!!

flight of fancy
Saturday, June 7th 2008 from 7:30 to 10:30 pm
Crybaby art gallery is located:
717 cookman avenue Asbury Park, NJ 07712

City Water
20″ x 24″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
To purchase contact:

Stencil Collage on Plexi
To purchase contact:

Ready and Willing
20″ x 24″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
To purchase contact:

Hope that you enjoy the new pieces and stay posted for some INCREDIBLE new paintings which I have yet to show!!!!