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The Space

February 26, 2007

These are some final pictures of the new mural in The Space. It took about a week to create mostly because I was waiting for paint markers and other materials in the mail. It is relatively tall and wide and you can tell some of the scale by the first image. It was great to start using my new background patterns and build ontop of that. It creates a powerful effect. Also, the crest is from the University (Drew) but I took it and changed it a little to be more modern and more detailed. The two faces of women are from the late 1950s and early 1960s. As with all of my mural they tell a story. I never go into the process by creating the story of the mural, but there seem to be subconcious choices and images that together tell a short part of my life or what is going on in my mind on an emotional level. It is a new experience every time I finish a mural to see where my mind and hands took me. Now that this project is done I can start to work on my own personal ideas. Stay posted. Enjoy!!!


New Mural

February 18, 2007



February 8, 2007

Here are some new Pictures. These are two paintings I worked on and put up in my room. You can see where I work. I am currently designing a new mural. I have finished the background but I am not sure what is the next step. Stay Tuned.