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Upcoming Events: 2009 shows feat PaperMonster

November 30, 2008
As 2008 is ending PaperMonster is getting ready to start off 2009 with a BANG!! PaperMonster will have several shows including: Show and Tell Gallery Group Show (Canada, January), Your Kid Can’t Do This: Stencil Group Show (Australia, Feb), and T & P Fine Art Gallery: “Cut Copy – A Stencil Show” (Philadephia, Feb). I will be posting a ton of progress shots and some new exciting stencil art pieces that I am working on. 2009 will be packed with new works which will be larger, more detail, bolder colors, and greater texture. Check out some images below and catch the sneak preview of a new PaperMonster (Vengeance Clothing) design which will be released later on this week on Wednesday.

New PaperMonster T-Shirt Design Titled: “True Identity”



DirtyPilot YearOneRewind Book featuring PaperMonster (Spring 2009)

November 24, 2008
——————————————– has had a fantastic year and they are currently working on the book YearOneRewind which will showcase all of the artists that have shown within the gallery including PaperMonster.You can catch the cover below and get more information over at:

This hardcover measures 8″x10″. A 96 page book is profusely illustrated with work by Albert Reyes, Bravo Jett,
CERN YMI, Chris “Daze” Ellis, Chris Stain, Daniel Johnston, Dennis Mcnett, Enrique Martinez, GHOST,Greg Gossel, Justin Bua, Kime Buzzelli, Michael Krueger, PaperMonster, and Stephen Tompkins.
Coming Spring “09″!! Distributed by LAST GASP.

**MORE: Stencil Group Show Photos and New Video**

November 21, 2008
This past weekend’s show was fantastic!! John Koleszar, LECKOmio, and JTroya have sent over some more pictures from the show and you can catch them below. Also, PaperMonster created a short video of the entire show which you can see at the end of this post or by visiting:
Click on the images below to view larger.
Photo by LECKOmio
Photo by Koleszar

They are such good people. You have to meet them to see for youself!!
Photo by Koleszar

Photo by JTroya

Photo by JTroya
Photo by JTroya


Art Whino: Stencil Group Show from PaperMonster on Vimeo.


DirtyPilot X-Mas Show feat PaperMonster Products!!

November 18, 2008
A fantastic show is opening on Nov 21st over at (HERE) and it features artists products from some of the most popular artists today. PaperMonster has created two custom pieces (one custom stencil art can and one custom Obama figure with matching dog) and an extremely rare PaperMonster Laser Deck which will go on sale on the 21st. Make sure to not miss this show and don’t miss the chance to get some great art from your favorite artists.
For More Visit:
Check out some images below:::

PaperMonster Custom Obama Figure With New Puppy!!
PaperMonster Custom Spraypaint Can
Limited Edition PaperMonster Skate Deck
-Paper Monster



Stencil Group Show” Art Whino Gallery Opening Photos

November 16, 2008
This weekend was the opening of the Stencil Group Show for Art Whino Gallery and it has been one of my favorite shows this year. The show brings together stencil artists from all over the world into one collective space where people can truly take in the variety and ingenuity behind beautiful and raw stencil art. The entire collection will be opened until Dec 6th  with a special presentation by author of Stencil Nation, Russell Howze on November 23rd from 12-6pm.  You do not want to miss out on getting some affordable original works from some of the worlds most talented stencil artists including: PaperMonster, John Koleszar, LECKOmio, Chris Stain, Jef Aerosol,  E.L.K., Mefee, SOULE, Janet Bike Girl, Logan Hicks, Dave Lowell, Jazirock, Peter K, Billy Mode, PRVRT and many more.
John Koleszar and Stefan Winterle aka LECKOmio flew in for the show (John from Arizona and Stefan from Germany) and it was such a great experience to meet and work with them. They both helped a ton with the install and brought some incredible art to the event. I can not thank them enough for how big of a help they were and how honored I felt to be working with them. It was a pleasure and they are not just amazing stencil artists, they are amazing people. You can check out their work here: or
and or
Both are taking stencil art to new heights and pushing the envelope in terms of how intricate and mind blowing stencil art can become.

Check out pictures from the opening and the various artist installs of stencil art below::
(Click on images to view larger)

Ready for the opening.
LECKOmio (left) and Jef Aerosol (right)

Koleszar Install

Check out cans with can stencils on them.
Chris Stain
Janet “Bike Girl” and BlackBooks (above)

From left to right: Chris Stain, PaperMonster, E.L.K. and LECKomio

PaperMonster Install
PaperMonster Detail

Limited Edition Stencil pack made by BlackBooks of PaperMonster, ArtWhino and Scotch stencils.

LECKOmio Detail
His stencils have such quailty to them that they look like photographs.

Koleszar and Stefan/LECKOmio ready to tag.

Jazirock (left) and Koleszar (right)

PRVRT (left) and Billy Mode (right)
Peter K

Dave Lowell
Logan Hicks (above) and Blackbooks and Chris Stain (below)
PaperMonster signing
PaperMonster signing Sabotaz spraypaint
“When people don’t want to give you opportunities, STEAL THEM.” -PaperMonster
I said that once and I still believe that if you want something bad enough you have to do whatever it takes to reach your goal and continue your passion.

Pierre from and PaperMonster

Gabriella, Jazirock, and PaperMonster

Stefan aka LECKOmio and John KoleszarLECKOmio and PaperMonster Senior.
PaperMonster Senior is a master at hanging paintings!!

Packed house!!
-Paper Monster


Stencil Group Show…FRIDAY NOV 14th feat PaperMonster

November 11, 2008
The Stencil show over at Art Whino is only a couple days away and it is going to blow people away. If you go to any show by the end of this year you MUST stop by at this opening. There are hundreds of pieces and you can take pictures for days. It feels great to be so excited about this show and it will not disappoint. The install itself will be one giant playground. Check out some pictures of some of the PaperMonster pieces in the show on sale for less than $40. Imagine buying an original piece of art from your favorite artist for $40….amazing!! Shane and Art Whino are hosting a great event and the show should be one for the record books.

Friday November 14th from 6-Midnight
Opening reception at Art Whino Gallery
Art Whino Gallery
173 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD 20745


MonkeyHouse Gallery Group Show Nov 8th feat PaperMonster (California)

November 8, 2008

PaperMonster will be taking part in a great show for MonkeyHouse Toys & Art Gallery titled “itty bitty art show” in Los Angeles, California on Nov 8th. PaperMonster will have two small 9″ x 12″ canvas pieces in the show and you can catch them below. For more details read the press release below:::::

PaperMonster: “You wouldn’t like me”

PaperMonster: “Inside me”
monkeyhouse toys & art gallery proudly presents

125 artists in an itty bitty art show

november 8 – november 30

opening reception: saturday, november 8, 5pm-9pm

artists include: 3 sheets, 13:11, ichae ackso, joe acevedo, marita albers, douglas alvarez, trevor altenburg, amayzun, art n mayhem, julie b., john stuart berger, terri “tooter” berman, bil betsovic, dan bigelow, carol blanding, airom bleicher, blutt, steff bomb, clara boo of curioddities, jonathan bueno, james brunner, cache, celestecefalu, alina chau, dee chavez, aheather chavez, chris of robots will kill, anna chung, daisy church, jenna colby, jesse cordoza, marcel dejure, delphia, chris deluna, downtimer, euthanasia 138, robyn feeley, ashley fisher, frijol boy, fubear studios, j.fuchs, lauren gardiner, sophia gasparian, darren goldman, dan goodsell, brian gooden, lauren gregg, patrick haemmerlein, walt hall, louis hansell, kyle harper, bee harris, chris hartford, john hicks, jim holyoak, tim hooper, nadine huguez, ryan hungerford, j4, jelene, jen x, jerms detail, jonezyartwork, matt dukes jordan, amanda kaay, christy kane, thomas kenney, kettle, katherine keys, randy kono, patricia krebs, kupkake, l6, renee lawter, jodi leesley, jason leung, jennifer lewis, stephanie liu, carl lozada, lucy & otis, snow mack, macsorro, joe mckay, mickey me, mildred, jake dino miller, misha, yuki miyazaki, aglaia mortcheva, motorbot, nataka moya moya, max neutra, brent nolasco, ofloda, michael okum, papa bear, papermonster, vera paras, porque, matthew porter, carol powell, lauren preston, michael pukac, queenie, gina ramirez, winona regan, robot one, dave savage, scom, shark toof, sheesh, smear, smogcity, journey streams, andy suriano, krystle swaving, josh taylor, kelly thompson, linda tieu, timoi, leopoldo villegas, ted von heiland, daniel damocles wall, nick wildermuth, holly wood, woolloomooloo, yulia, zdenek55, ed zepln, and more…

monkeyhouse toys & art gallery
1618 1/2 silver lake bl.
los angeles, ca 90026

There are over 100 artists doing small pieces – just in time for the holidays. This opening also coincides with the first day of the 11th Annual Silver Lake Art Crawl. Now expanded to include Echo Park, Los Feliz, and Atwater Village, will once again showcase Eastside art venues as they host the cream of the artistic community.