Os Gemeos Mural: NYC Bowery and Houston

July 13, 2009
On Sunday, I took a moment to head over to the Os Gemeos Mural on Bowery and Houston. This project just one word: IMPRESSIVE. If you are in the New York City Area, you have to take a look at this mural. Touch it, view it up close or from far away. However you like. Os Gemeos are bringing together so many techniques and colors that the mural is sure to impress many people. Although the entire mural is not fully completed, you can tell from the pictures below that this is truly a masterpiece being put together. One thing I noticed during my visit was: THE SUN. Os Gemeos has been working under incredibly harsh sunlight and heat. From anyone who paints outdoors these conditions can really give your body a beating. The level of talent really shines and there is no question that the final product will be breath taking.

Catch detailed images of part of the mural below::

Click on Images to View Larger

Notice the beautiful use of stencils in everything from scales to clothing. Great Job.

The patterns and stencils caught my eye right away.



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