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Black Holes: Art Basel 2009 Miami

December 11, 2009
While in Miami during Art Basel 2009, I had the opportunity to do some new outdoor “Black Holes” which I have been wanting to do more of for quite some time now. During the process this club owner across from the street we were painting came out and said “You guys are finally painting here. Thank god. ” That felt nice to hear. Catch more photos below of PaperMonster, Scotch, Demer, Rain, Tara McPherson, and Gaia all on the streets of Miami.
Black Holes

Tara McPherson and PaperMonster stickers hitting the streets.
Demer and Rain
Scotch and PaperMonster
Crap and Gaia
Gaia in progress shot.

PHOTOS: Washington, DC Edgewood Mural Event

August 19, 2009
Saturday’s Edgewood Mural Event in Washington, DC organized by Albus Cavus (HERE) was a major success. Although I was not there to take part in the beautiful project I stumbled upon photos taken by Pati Gaitan (HERE) and Love Is Kind (HERE) and they are truly stunning. Some incredibly talented artists where present and raised the bar extremely high such as Will Kasso, Chor Boogie, Pose2 aka Maxx Moses, Decoy, Leon Rainbow, Nose, Delve, Luv1, Demer and many more local and international artists. The work and time put into the project is truly inspirational and every time I see photos like these they push me to create. I hope they do the same for you. Visit the mural if you are in the area:

Rhode Island Avenue Center
550 Rhode Island Avenue NE
Washington, DC

Photos By Pati Gaitan (HERE)::

Chor Boogie
Pose 2

Photos Via Love Is Kind (HERE)
Chor Boogie
Will Kasso and Leon Rainbow


OPENING PHOTOS: NYC PaperMonster and Leon Ranbow @ Latin Mixx Conference

July 24, 2009
The Latin Mixx Conference was a HUGE success. This year the conference featured some wonderful events including an exhibition of myself (PaperMonster) and Leon Rainbow’s work.The location was breathtaking at the New York Times Center. A ton of people stopped by the event and it was great to meet some new faces and have some old friends stop by. Even Joshua from (HERE) came from DC to drop by and we did a great interview session. His questions were awesome. My next event in the NYC area will be a group show in November and I will have more details coming soon. Catch photos of the event below:::
Click on images to view larger

NJ Graffiti Festival Summer 09. More info on this coming soon. Very excited about all of the events planned.

Live Painting by PaperMonster and Leon Rainbow. Leon did this fantastic piece using acrylics. Extremely Talented.
PaperMonster and Renny
Latin Mixx Conference
Renny, Prolow, Shawn, Barker, PaperMonster and Leon Rainbow


PHOTOS: Urban Arts Festival featuring PaperMonster, Will Kasso, Leon Rainbow and Aja Washington (Albus Cavus)

May 24, 2009

This past weekend marked the first Urban Arts Festival (HERE) in New Brunswick which brought together amazing outdoor activities for kids and art forms including breakdancing, poetry, and a wonderful mural project/workshop which was put together by Albus Cavus (HERE). PaperMonster along with Will Kasso (HERE) , Leon Rainbow (HERE) and Aja Washington (HERE) were invited to participate and lead the mural project by sharing some of their talents painting on panels and their knowledge of graffiti, stencil art, collage, and painting with the children and families that came out for the festival. Catch tons of photos below from the event and progress shots of each mural.
(Click on image to view larger)

Will Kasso, Leon Rainbow preparing the panels.
Kids having a fanstatic time in the bouncing castle.

Aja preparing her wall.

There were many great performers the entire day.

Aja Washington painting.
There were several panels up for kids and families to paint and create.
On the left you can see my tutoring session with Miss C who learned how to paint a cute kitten.
Aja Washington infront of her amazing panel.
While painting the wind was blowing so hard that I needed a kind volunteer to help hold my stencil. In exchange he wanted the color red to spraypaint his name on a different panel.

I wanted to attempt some pasting and collage work that I had never done in an outdoor piece and everything turned out great.

Out of the hundres of people out for the event I had the pleasure of meeting this teacher and her friends who loved the finished piece.

I am really looking forward to using this particular stencil on a canvas very soon.
I was very suprized how well the stencils held up.
One of my favorite photos of the day. I was standing in the street and he just kept standing infront of the pannel flexing his muscles so I had to capture it and share it with everyone.
The gorrilla is meant to be a head dress for anyone who sits below it.

Peter K. of Albus Cavus did a great job at taking this photo and many of the other photos you will see in this post.
PaperMonster-Finished Panel
Click on image to view larger.
Leon Rainbow’s piece was completely done using brushes. He is extremely talented.
Will Kasso and Leon Rainbow working on their panels.
Leon Rainbow-Detail
Leon infront of his finished piece.
Leon Rainbow finished panel.
Click on image to view larger.

Will Kasso- Detail
Will always impresses my with what he brings to every wall he paints on. It is great to see his entire process and he always draws a huge crowd.
Will Kasso and Leon Rainbow working on their panels.
Will Kasso Panel Section
Will Kasso painting inside someone’s blackbook
Will Kasso finished panel.
Click on image to view larger.
I want to thank everyone who came out to help and participate in the festival. I had a fantastic time and it was a great opportunity. I am extremely greatful to have the chance to paint alongside such talented artists and share my work with everyone on these amazing outdoor projects.
-Paper Monster


Photos: Albus Cavus Coverage Of New Brunswick Murals

March 25, 2009
Albus Cavus (HERE) has just posted up some great photos on their blog (HERE) and flickr (HERE) page. Also, the House News Tribune (Here) wrote and posted some great images from the day as well. Check on the links above for more info.

Paper Monster


New Brunswick Murals feat PaperMonster

March 23, 2009

With the weather getting better everyday, I had the great opportunity to paint along with Leon Rainbow (NJ), Eric Kennedy (PA), Will Kasso (NJ), Jos-L (NJ), Peter Krsko (NJ), and myself PaperMonster (NJ). Albus Cavus (HERE) organized a fantastic installation of murals on the intersections of Courtland Street and Duke Street in New Brunswick, NJ. I had the privilege to paint alongside Will Kasso (HERE) who is an incredibly artist with huge talent for working on any space. Check out images below from the day and if you are in the New Brunswick area make sure to stop by to catch the murals for yourself.

New PaperMonster Stencil. Keep and eye out for this in the coming weeks.
Will Kasso laying down some outlines

Kasso really did a great job with bring both sides of the mural together.
Leon Rainbow’s piece. Incredible work.
Peter Krsko’s piece. Great Job Peter!!

Putting on the final touches and the sun came out right on time.
Will Kasso (HERE) and PaperMonster
Final mural. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic day!
-Paper Monster


Book Worms Group Show featuring PaperMonster Nov 8th.

November 6, 2008
I am really excited to be part of so many well organized shows and events with a really strong socially conscious motivation. Leon Rainbow has put a fantastic group of artists together to raise awareness of issues affecting the attempts to close several public libraries. Check out part of the press release and photos of my pieces for the show. For more visit:::

Info via
The artists to bring their art from the streets to the books. “Book Worms: Urban Art of the Book” will showcase artwork by local visual artists on old recycled books. Artists are: UHM, Veng RWK, Nose, Pro, Mek, Kasso, Plan, Pro, Rain, Eric Kennedy, Peter Krsko, Demer Wallnuts, Hyphen One, Andrew Wilkinson, Paper Monster, SkullBoy, Doug Z, Juan Damita, MaddTronix.

Please join us in Main Library in Trenton to celebrate the benefits of our libraries at the reception on November 8th at noon to 4PM. The art exhibit will be open from November 3rd to November 29th, 2008. The address is 120 Academy Street, Trenton, NJ 08608. The event is free and accessible. More information can be obtained by calling library at 609-392-7188 or on web site