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Photos: PaperMonster x Take5 x Governors Ball 2016

June 9, 2016

Below are a bunch of shots from our latest project painting alongside Joe Iurato (HERE), Peter Ferrari (HERE), Hamilton Glass (HERE), the Yok and Sheryo (HERE) at Randall’s Island in New York for the 2016 Governors Ball music festival (HERE). We each created interactive murals for festivalgoers and you can see some of the silly shots we took across the festival. It was a blast!!!

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Hamilton Glass (HERE)PaperMonster-GovBall20Joe Iurato (HERE)


Me and Joe Iurato (HERE) messing with Snapchat FiltersPaperMonster-MuralSnapchat1PaperMonster-GovBall17PaperMonster-GovBall15PaperMonster-GovBall14PaperMonster-GovBall13

Hamilton Glass (HERE)PaperMonster-GovBall16PaperMonster-GovBall8


The Yok and Sheryo (HERE)PaperMonster-GovBall32

Peter Ferrari (HERE)PaperMonster-GovBall31PaperMonster-GovBall28

Hamilton Glass (HERE) PaperMonster-GovBall27

Hamilton Glass (HERE)PaperMonster-GovBall26

Hamilton Glass (HERE) and Joe Iurato (HERE)PaperMonster-GovBall25PaperMonster-GovBall29

Snapchat recognizes my artwork and can even place some cool filters on them!!PaperMonster-GovBall30PaperMonster-GovBall9PaperMonster-GovBall1PaperMonster-GovBall2PaperMonster-GovBall3PaperMonster-GovBall4PaperMonster-GovBall5

The Yok and Sheryo (HERE)PaperMonster-GovBall6PaperMonster-GovBall7

The Yok and Sheryo (HERE)

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I Know

January 25, 2010
It has been an exciting couple of weeks working on new concepts and developing some new techniques. You can catch a photo of one of my latest pieces titled “I Know” which illustrates some of these new qualities that I am exploring. Also, stay posted to some VERY big news coming up later this week. Enjoy
PaperMonster PaperMonster- I Know
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