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July/August PaperMonster’s Favorite Things 2010

August 9, 2010
Things have been so busy that I completely forgot to do my favorite things post for July so this month you get two whole months of favorite things for July and August. Check out all the madness below with tons of videos to watch.
First up we have Metroid: Other M for the Wii which releases this month and is one of the most anticipated games for the Wii this year. Metroid: Other M has a complete new style different than any other Metroid game in the past mixing sidescrolling and first person perspectives with new quick time events. To see what I mean check out the video below:
Now this blew my mind. Nerf has taken things to a whole new level with their guns!! The new Nerf Stampede which sells for $50+ is a fully automatic firing machine. The Nerf guns that we used to have to pull to shoot will soon be a thing of the past. Check out the entire Nerf and buy your own Stampede in less than 30 days!!
New sniper rifle from Nerf!! Insane!!
Jackass is back with a whole new movie coming to theather in October and guess in what dimension you can see it in…. 3D!!! You have to catch the entire preview below.
The ending is AMAZING:
Now this is where things ger crazy. Microsoft has revealed a ton of new products/games at E3 this year and you will not believe what you can do with their latest addition the Kinect.
This is where games are going and what your kids will be playing very soon without a controller and a brand new way you will look at fitness games. YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE VIDEOS!!

Kinectimals Demo

New Fitness Game For Kinect!!

Next we have my dream vision of an underground Batman style parking garage. Every home should come with one. Check more of this amazing concept at:

OHHH YEAHH!! Here we see Terrafugia which is one step closer to a flying car. This new car concept really flys and is awaiting approval and further development. You can check out two great videos below of just what to expect from Terrafugia below:

First flight!!

Animated concept video

More mobile games?? YES! Archetype is the latest app for the Ipod Touch and Iphone that in my opinion is one of the best first person shooter games I have ever seen on any mobile device whether phone or mobile gaming system. This app only cost $2.99 and I can’t stop playing it!!! Catch me in a match under PaperMonster!! Pick your copy at your Ipod Touch or Iphone App Store!! Check out a gameplay video below:

When I first saw this I had no clue what it was. It is called Rex Bionics System and it is a system that allows people bound to a wheel chair for whatever reason to be able to take their first foot steps with the aid of this exoskeleton system that allows you to stand and move upright. Check out the wonderful video showing the Rex Bionics System in action. This is a wonderful move forward in science!!
Ren showed this to me last week and it is a new concept being push forward by China to create these massive buses that ride on rails similar to a subway train but cars can drive right through underneath each bus without any problem. Very cool concept and you can check out more of what China is planning next:
Lastly I leave you with two of my favorite videos this month. Hope you enjoy. Check them out below:

Chromeo- Don’t Turn The Lights On

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below if you loved any of these things or would like to share your favorite thing this month!!


PaperMonster’s Favorite Things February 2010

February 5, 2010
It is February and that means two things: Winter/Crazy Cold and Valentine’s Day!! Some of my favorite things for this month are gift ideas for Valentine’s day including free tv ¬†shows online, red shoes, and as always a ton of great games to pass the time and relax. You will feel the love of February with any of these gifts in your hands!
First up we have the final season of LOST. If you are like me and have been watching LOST for many seasons you know your mind just goes for a loop the entire time trying to figure out what will happen next. You can watch the latest episodes for Season 6 for FREE over at Thankfully if you missed most or all of the seasons of Lost you can just read summaries or info on LOST and all the madness at or watch the final season every Tuesday night on ABC.
Next we have the perfect Valentine’s gift because men deserve gifts too on V-day called the Nike: Auto Flight High “Kill Bill” colorway(HERE) You can find more info on the shoe here
or click on the image above to view all three views of the shoes. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Followed by my favorite shoes of this month we have one of my FAVORITE games and it is none other than Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (HERE) on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This game is on $9.99 and you can play it for hours whether you are stealing your favorite cars or completing sidemissions such as jetski races or buying new apartments you will not be dissapointed with the quality and fun of this game. For more on GTA: Chinatown Wars for the iPod/iPhone visit:

Finally we have two of my favorite games. Now when I write about games my emphasis is on the quality. Why spend $50 for something that is not worth the money of the time? These two games are definately worth the cash. First we have Capcom Vs. Tatsunoko for the Wii (HERE) . This game has been recently released in the US and you have to see and play it for yourself to know how wild the game is. It features head to head combat between characters from both the Capcom and Tatsunoko franchise. Check out the video below or visit

for more info and a great review of the game.

Lastly we have one of the largest games of 2010 so far. Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox360 (HERE). I won’t even go into the details of how long, epic, huge, stunning, and amazing this game is in terms of quality and just pure exciting gameplay. You can check out info on Mass Effect 2 and check out the full review (HERE) of the game which scored a 9.7 out of 10. Do you know how good that score is? It is GOOD.




PaperMonster’s Favorite Things January 2010

January 8, 2010
Happy New Year!! It is January and that means a fresh new PaperMonster’s Favorite Things post is here. This month I bring you tons of new toys, photos, applications and videos to kick your year to a great start. Enjoy.
First we have the new IA5 iPod Touch/Phone Dock from iHome (HERE) which is in one word “INCREDIBLE.” It does not only just play all your music in great audio quality but it contains an application that allows you to adjust what you want to hear when you wake up and go to bed while at the same time it tracks your sleeping and waking patterns to let you know if your are having enough sleep. WOW (Check out the video above from G4Tv at the CES.)

Followed by the iHome we have photos of Harbin, China (HERE) . I actually had the pleasure of visiting Harbin in my trip to China several years back and this city is a mix of Chinese and Russian influence as it is one of the most Northern cities in China. During the Winter they take ice from their lake and surrounding water and create gigantic impressive ice sculptures and create an entire ice city. You have to see the photos for yourself.

Harbin, China

Harbin, China

Following the ice sculptures of Harbin we have one of my favorite iPhone/iPod touch apps to come out so far. It is called NOVA by Gameloft (HERE) and if you don’t own Halo or want to play Halo in your office or anywhere you go this is the closest and best game your will ever buy. It has an incredible story as well as a AMAZING wifi multiplayer option which you can go against players all using the application. At one point PaperMonster was at the top 80 out of 4000 players in terms of game kills and points. I was hooked and you will be too. Check it out above.

Captured In Chinatown-Running In Circles
Lastly I wanted to share a video and song that has been one of my favorites for quite some time: Captured in Chinatown: Running In Circles. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

PaperMonster’s Favorite Things December

December 18, 2009
I recently received an email that basically said “Ay PaperMonster. Where the hell are your favorite things for December?” In the chaos of Art Basel photos I completely forgot to post my favorite things for this month and now here they are right in the middle of all this holiday celebration. First I have the videogame Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (HERE). If you follow me on Twitter (HERE) you know that I have been watching gameplay videos of this game and I am blown away. It has won several Game Of The Year awards and it deserves it. Catch a clip of the gameplay below. You will not regret playing full price for this game with everything you get in return. Following Uncharted 2 we have the Clipse new album “Til The Casket Drops.” I have been anticipating this album and could not be happier with it. There are so many tracks that just blow your mind in terms of quality music. Check out some of my favorite tracks from the album below and don’t forget to check out the album artwork by Kaws. Right After the clipse we have the cheapest gift you can get your loved one.The Pencil Crossbow (HERE) !! All you need is a couple of pencils and rubber bands and you can make your very own functional crossbow. Lastly we have the gift that keeps on giving.: HD video of Iron Man 2 (HERE). Can’t wait until May 7th. Hope you enjoyed my favorite things for December. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Clipse: Showin Out Track #4
Clipse: Popular Demand Feat Cam’ron Track #2
For more info on how to build your own pencil crossbow visit:

October: PaperMonster’s Favorite Things

October 8, 2009
October’s PaperMonster’s Favorite things are all over the globe from France to your local lake and garbage can. Music and art go hand in hand and one of the most recent records that I absolutely love is Kid Cudi’s “Man One The Moon: The End Of Day” album. It is very inspirational and the music makes you want to create and stay motivated. Catch the insane collaborations between Kid Cudi and Ratatat. Followed by Cudi we have the Palace of Versailles (HERE) in France which is having some beautiful art exhibitions including work from Xavier Veilhan. I had the pleasure of visiting the palace in 2005 and I would love to go back. Finally I present you some coold designs and concepts including the fish bowl trash bags (HERE) (someone make these in the US) and some insane concepts for a water-car and electrical cars concepts which you can find (HERE). Catch more below::
Kid Cudi x Ratatat
Xavier Veilhan @ Palace of Versailles is beautiful. More Here:

Fish Bow Trash Bags over @

Insane Car Concepts: Water Car (Above) and Electrical Powered Car Concept (Below) More:



PaperMonster’s Favorite Things (June)

June 2, 2009

This month’s PaperMonster’s favorite things are full of fun and amazement. Did you know that Steven Spielberg and EA developed an amazing game titled BOOM BLOX for the Wii. During my recent trip working in Brooklyn the Pauls said that I should give it a try and it was great!! To see what I am talking about you really have to visit the site to see more: BLOX BASH PARTY

The Sims 3 is going to be INCREDIBLE!! It is released today and I am sure that it will blow everyone away. For More Info Visit:

Finally here are two of my favorite videos for this month::::

Damien Walters Incredible Athleticism


Nike’s LeBron James and Kobe Commercials