Brainstorm Magazine Issue# 11 Interviews PaperMonster

January 6, 2010
Brainstorm Magazine (HERE) Issue #11 will soon be released and I had the pleasure of being featured in an artists interview for the magazine. Past artists interviewed include Blu (HERE) and Arofish (HERE) so needless to say it feels fantastic to be asked to be featured in the magazine. The interview covers topics such as my origins, what is art, and the current state of street art. Catch some excerpts from the interview below or read it for yourself at the following link::
Via Brainstorm Magazine:

“We are pushing art forward and inspiring the youth to do bigger and better things to continue the movement. We have a large amount of power and it is one of the most exciting parts about being an artist today.”-PaperMonster

“I have never made any paintings because I want to make anyone happy or because I need to fit into a specific category or follow rules. I make stencil art portraits of women because I want to share that beauty, strength and mystery of women. No rules or level of rejection could get me to stop what I do”-PaperMonster

Click on the images to visit the magazine and interview.

I will be posting the entire issue as soon as it is released so stay posted. Enjoy
Paper Monster

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