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This SATURDAY!! Electric Windows Event feat Ron English, Chor Boogie, PaperMonster, BigFoot, ElbowToe, Skewville and more!!

July 30, 2010
Do not miss out on this chance to see some of your favorite artists in action at Electric Windows this Saturday July 31st. Participating artists include:
Big Foot, Buxtonia, BoogieRez, Cern, Chor Boogie, Chris Stain, Chris Yormick, Depoe, Elbow Toe, Elia Gurna, Ellis G, Erik Otto, Eugene Good, Faust, Gaia, Joe Iurato, Kid Zoom, Mr Kiji, Logan Hicks, Lotem & Aviv, Michael De Feo, Paper Monster, Peat Wollaeger, Rick Price, Ron English, Ryan Bubnis, Ryan Williams, Skewville, and thundercut!!Check out amazing coverage of Electric Windows over at BrooklynStreetArt and WoosterCollective below as well as some preview images of what I have planned for the event.


Stay posted for more info or visit: BSA:
Click on image to visit site
Via WoosterCollective:
Click on image to visit site.
Excited to finish this stencil and be part of this great event!!
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Coverage of “PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy” via SensesLost, Brooklyn Street Art, and Unurth

July 9, 2010

Below are some wonderful links to Senses Lost , Brooklyn Street Art, and Unurth which conducted some wonderful coverage of “PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy.” You can check out the exclusive SensesLost(HERE) x PaperMonster Interview covering everything leading up to the solo show. Check out more news and info on all of the sites below.

Via SensesLost:

What do you want people to take away from your show?

Overall I want people to take away two things. The first is this sense of chaos as to what to start with first; the collage; the portraits; the textures, and just dive deep into each piece. This is the perfect time to just spend hours exploring all of the pieces together and there are some real surprises in this show. The second thing I want people to take away is a sense of inspiration. At the end of the day that is what all artists are trying to do; to inspire ordinary people to express themselves in unique and artistic ways…..For More Visit (HERE)

Click on Image To Visit Site
Brooklyn Street Art showcased a ton of exlusive detail images and process photos which you can check out here:
Finally, check out Unurth which has by far become one of the most impressive sites to view pure urban/street art at the highest level. For more of Unurth visit:


Openings June 4th: Black Light Art Experiment and JoKa’s Solo Show

June 3, 2010
Two very interesting shows open this weekend. The first is the UV Urban Black Light Art Experiment where artists have all painted works with fluorescent paints that react to black lights featuring works from Peter Krsko, Mike Ciccotello, Joe Iurato, Josl, Luv 1, Aja Washington, Jim Hancocks and PaperMonster. I created several pieces for this and I don’t even know how they will look like so I am super excited to see the entire collection. For more info check the flyer below. The second show you should catch is a solo show by JoKa where he has created a series of portraits slightly larger than a penny all created using toothpicks as a brush! You have to see it to believe the detail in these small miniatures. Check out more details below:
Black Light Art Experiment
June 4th 6-9pm
19 Everett Alley
Trenton, NJ 08611
For More Info Visit:
Solo Show: JoKa
Self Portraits of People I Don’t Know
Proximity Gallery
2434 East Dauphin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125Click on image to view larger

Artist: JoKa
Click on image to view larger
Click on image to view larger
Paper Monster


For You

January 27, 2010
Below you can check out some new pictures from PaperMonster’s Give and Take project as well as photography from KCRussell. KC has been a great friend from several years now and he has a great eye for capturing artists and art. Check out his photography over at
for more info.
PaperMonster Give and Take Project
Photography by KC Russell



Give And Take

January 22, 2010
The PaperMonster Give and Take Project continues even in this cold weather. Below you can check out some latest additions to the project with more images to come. Enjoy
PaperMonster Give And Take Project spotted in Brooklyn, NY
Click on images to view larger.

Brooklyn Street Art: Images of the Week

December 26, 2009
I just got word that PaperMonster was featured in Brooklyn Street Art’s (HERE) Images Of The Week along with Bast, 5003, Hobby Horse, Imminent Disaster, Kosbe, Swoon, Veng, and Peru Ana. I am a huge fan of the BSA site and if you love art your will not want to miss this site.
Check out the rest of the images over at Brooklyn Street Art:
Click on the image below to view the rest of the images of the week.
Much thanks to and Jamie Rojo!!
Paper Monster

Opening Photos: Brooklynite Gallery “Go Get Your Shinebox”

November 23, 2009
This past Saturday I headed over to the opening of Brooklynite Gallery’s Go Get Your Shinebox group show. The show was fantastic and it was great to see and meet so many people that I have immense respect for including: Meggs (HERE), Aiko (HERE) , Luna Park (HERE), Shai Dahan (from Abztract ) and other amazing friends that passed by for the show. The night was electric with energy and the participating artists in the show brought some quality work out for the crowd to see and even interact with. My specific shinebox dealt with a Mask Shop and playing with themes of dual identities, mystery, and our dreams of becoming something more than who or what we are today. I also had the opportunity to work on another one of my “Black Holes” along the back walls of the gallery along with artists such as Dain, Specter, Dada, Peru Ana, Billi Kid, Kozbe and Chris Mendoza. Overall I had a blast and it is a great show to end November right before heading out to Miami for Art Basel next week. Catch images of the entire opening below and stay posted for more photos later this week.
For more info on Brooklynite Gallery and the Shineboxes Visit:

PaperMonster working on another “Black Hole”
Dain, Dada, PaperMonster, Specter, and Peru Ana

Far right: Specter wheatpaste
Dain, Dada, PaperMonster

Saddo, Ema
Ame 72

Peru Ana

Thundercut, Ryca and Collin Van Der SluijsAbove: Peru Ana, Gaia, Miss Buggs, Know Hope, 3TTMan, Ana Schwartz, Medo, Marvin Crushler, Lime and more
Various & Gould & Kuuk, PaperMonster, Least Wanted
Various & Gould, PaperMonster, Least Wanted
PaperMonster and Aiko


PaperMonster and Ren
Chris Mendoza painting
Amazing Crowd! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Meggs and PaperMonster. For more on Meggs visit:

Chris Mendoza
Lara, Jess, and Ren
PaperMonster, Lara, Jess, and Ren

PaperMonster shinebox

Penny, Billi Kid, Saddo, Ema, Ame72, Broken Crow, Rae, Anthony Lister, Ben Frost, Ajuma Walker


Saturday NOV 21st @ Brooklynite Gallery “Go Get Your Shinebox”

November 20, 2009
I am very excited about this upcoming show at Brooklynite Gallery opening Saturday, November 21st at 7pm. “Go Get Your Shinebox” is a show that you do not want to miss out. it is going to be huge. Check out the entire lists of artists (HERE). Below catch just a taste of the over 100 artists participating in the show. Hope to see you there!!
Also, check out this great interview on the show’s concept over at (HERE)
Featuring Over 100 Artists
Trying to Survive in This Economy
November 21 – December 19
A or C Subway to UTICA AVE.
Anthony Lister
Billi Kid
Ben Frost
Various and Gould