Progress Photos: PaperMonster Darth Vader Drawing

December 23, 2015

Continuing with yesterday’s (HERE) story on my Star Wars inspired drawing we come to the man himself DARTH VADER!!

When trying to draw such an iconic character like Darth Vader I literally came to a major road block. This character has been drawn and reinterpreted in so many unique and interesting ways. My initial idea came from my work incorporating images of animals and women together. Obviously we know that both Vader and Boba Fett are played by male characters in the movie but I wanted to show what expression a woman might have under that mask. Overall, I was extremely happy with the results and can’t wait to turn it into a larger painting.


Click on Image to View Larger


Click on Image to View Larger


Click on Image to View LargerPaperMonster-StarWars-DarthVaderFinal

As I mentioned in my previous post (HERE), for this series I wanted to incorporate my patterns with symbols from the Star Wars Universe. For the Darth Vader drawing I chose the symbol of the empire. Very happy with how it turned out and flows well with my previous pattern. If I did not mention it most people would not even see it. I like that subtlety.

Click on Image to View LargerPaperMonster-StarWars-DarthVaderStanding



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  1. […] Boba Fett. For this Star Wars character I wanted to stay in line with the Darth Vader concept (HERE). Boba Fett is a very calm, collected and calculated character with no major spurts of emotion […]

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