Progress Photos: PaperMonster Ewok Cosplay Drawing

December 22, 2015

Over a year ago I was commissioned to put together some concepts and try my own spin on some classic Star Wars characters. It is always difficult to jump away from your comfort zone as an artist and I needed to figure out a way to not just do simple drawing or stencil of a character that has been done countless amounts of time. This week I will share the story behind each of the three final drawings I created for this commissioned project.

First up: Ewok

Many of you know Ewoks are cute bear-like characters in the movies. Immediately I thought of cosplayers and tried to see how they would tackle this character. The drawing below is inspired by Star Wars cosplay.


Click on Image to View Larger


Typically with each drawing I like to add a unique colored pencil background. For this series I wanted to add symbols from Star Wars and chose to incorporate one of my patterns with the symbol of the Rebel Alliance.


Click on Image to View Larger


Click on Image to View Larger


Next Up: Boba Fett



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