Progress Photos: PaperMonster Boba Fett Drawing

December 25, 2015

Last up we have the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett. For this Star Wars character I wanted to stay in line with the Darth Vader concept (HERE). Boba Fett is a very calm, collected and calculated character with no major spurts of emotion throughout the movies. I wanted to juxtapose that with a very aggressive facial expression. Very excited to turn this one into a larger canvas piece.

For you very own Star Wars inspired Free iPhone Wallpaper visit: https://papermonster.wordpress.com/2015/12/22/free-papermonster-star-wars-iphone-66s-wallpapers/

Stay posted for more progress photos and details.



Click on Image to View Larger


For Boba Fett I chose a more subtle approach for the background. Once again I incorporated one of my patterns with Boba’s classic symbol worn on his shoulder. I did not want it to repeat too often since it is such a large and complex symbol so I chose to have it spread out more yet true fans will recognize this nod to the character and the films.


Click on Image to View Larger


Click on Image to View Larger



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