PaperMonster Pieces “SOLD” for Stencil Festival and CryBaby Art Gallery

August 17, 2008
These past few weeks have been incredibly busy with getting everything ready for my two solo shows in Sept and Oct. The two shows are incredible and they will exhibit some beautiful pieces which you will just have to wait to see for yourselves. The Melbourne Stencil Festival 2008 which just ended was a complete success and both PaperMonster pieces sold out on opening night. Also, Crybaby Art Gallery has recently made some great sales on PaperMonster originals and they only have a couple left. You can snag those pieces up

There are more exciting projects with CryBaby Art Gallery during September and I will be posting more news soon.
Also stay posted for preview pictures of my first solo show with DirtyPilot.com opening September 14th.

Only 4 pieces left at DirtyPilot before my solo show. Find them here:

“Why Did I?”

“Ready and Willing?”

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