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PaperMonster x Steven Sultan “Last Stop” front page of tri-City News Newspaper

September 14, 2008
This past Saturday marked the opening of “Last Stop” by PaperMonster and Steven Sultan over at Art Camp in Asbury Park, NJ. The show was a great success and it was great to be featured on the front page of the tri-City News as well as inside the newspaper. If you are in the area I would definitely suggest stopping by and catching the show. Here are some images of some of the walls from the show. Enjoy

Tri-City News Newspaper Features PaperMonster show Last Stop on three pages. Fantastic!!

PaperMonster, Sarah Potter (Crybaby Art Gallery/ Art Camp), and Steven Sultan

Collaborative piece between PaperMonster and Steven Sultan up for sale titled “Las Gemelas”

Steven Sultan and Porkchop (color selection effect image)
-Paper Monster


Art Camp (Asbury Park, NJ) Sat Sept 13th feat PaperMonster

September 13, 2008
If you are in the NJ or NY area, come down to this great project featuring an installation of works from PaperMonster and Steven Sultan. It opens at 8pm over at Art Camp: Asbury Park Boardwalk at 1000 Ocean Ave. NJ Here are some preview images of the show. Enjoy

Reach The Beach Mural by PaperMonster
Massive wall. These eyes you can see from blocks away through the windows of the gallery.

Collaborative piece with Paper Monster and Steven Sultan.
Via Sarah Potter
—–On Saturday September 13, Art Camp the opening of “Last Stop,” an installation of work by stencil artist, PaperMonster and photographer, Steven Sultan. The event is sponsored by CryBaby Art Gallery and will be held at Art Camp on the Asbury Park Boardwalk at 1000 Ocean Ave.

The artists joined forces to create an art installation full of vivid colors, texture, and beauty. PaperMonster’s stencil artwork combines various forms of collage to bring texture and depth to his pieces which focus on emotional snapshots and facial expressions of women. Steven Sultan’s photography captures and dives deeper into the texture which is created within street and subway advertisements as people take an active role in its urban decay. Together, they will take on an “subway station/platform” inspired theme which will bring together street art techniques to create an urban aesthetic packed with emotions of adventure, love and mystery.

The artists opened the doors to their live installation on Saturday, September 6th and invited the public and specifically, local street artists to participate in the event. The grand unveiling of the entire installation on Saturday, September 13th with music and entertainment.

Please join us in Asbury Park for this unique and remarkable event. It will begin at 9p.m. at 1000 Ocean Ave Asbury Park NJ 07712. There is a suggested donation of $10. For more photos of the artists’ work, please visit and


PaperMonster Pieces “SOLD” for Stencil Festival and CryBaby Art Gallery

August 17, 2008
These past few weeks have been incredibly busy with getting everything ready for my two solo shows in Sept and Oct. The two shows are incredible and they will exhibit some beautiful pieces which you will just have to wait to see for yourselves. The Melbourne Stencil Festival 2008 which just ended was a complete success and both PaperMonster pieces sold out on opening night. Also, Crybaby Art Gallery has recently made some great sales on PaperMonster originals and they only have a couple left. You can snag those pieces up

There are more exciting projects with CryBaby Art Gallery during September and I will be posting more news soon.
Also stay posted for preview pictures of my first solo show with opening September 14th.

Only 4 pieces left at DirtyPilot before my solo show. Find them here:

“Why Did I?”

“Ready and Willing?”


CryBaby Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ) GroupShow feat. PaperMonster

June 8, 2008
This past weekend marked an incredible event known as the Tri-City Arts Tour/Festival in NJ bringing together Red Bank, Long Branch, and Asbury Park. CryBaby Art Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ) put together two incredible shows: one solo show by Bethany Marchman and the other a group show featuring PaperMonster, Pilar Alvarez, Shaunna Peterson, KuKula, Kelly Haigh, and Carrie Ann Bade.
Both the show and festival were incredible. I have never seen such a large amount of flow into a gallery from all ages and see so many people with such a true love for the art. The streets were filled with people sharing art and there was everything you could imagine. It was truly a visual grenade for your eyes. Check out some of the pics from the show below and thank you to everyone who came out. I have never handed out so many PaperMonster stickers ever!! It was incredible!! Thanks to everyone again and thanks to CJ, Jenn, and everyone at CryBaby Gallery for an incredible time!!
Here are some pics::::::::

Check out more info on the gallery here:

Amazing crowd and it was great to hand out tons of free stickers!!!
CJ chatting it up in front of KuKula’s work!!

Pieces on display from PaperMonster

Chatting it up on some future collabs.
PaperMonster piece on plexi which received an incredible review from a very drunk man. Amazing!!
KuKula (

Kelly Haigh (

Pilar Alvarez (

More Pilar!!
Solo Show: Bethany Marchman (

Carrie Ann Bade (

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!