March 26, 2015

Day 6. After several months I got the chance I wanted!! The school wanted to renovate our late night snack place called “The Space”. Without hesitation I said I would paint it for free!! The next few weeks in between classes and work I would draw out ideas during class, use the money from my work-study to buy materials and persuade my friends to come help me paint each night. I created new stencils from my travels and was now inspired by a new book: Graffiti World put together by Nicholas Ganz and Tristan Manco @tristan_manco In fact you can see the logo for Graffiti World in the center. All of my heart went into making sure the piece would be loved and preserved. Inside the mural I left hidden messages and thank you(s) to my friends. Years later the entire building was torn down to build a new student center. The mural was also destroyed and I was given a brick from the building during my 5th year class reunion. #PaperMonster #paint #art #stencil #stencils #streetart #stencilart #streetartists #stencilgraffiti #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiworld #urbanart #urbancanvas #nycart #nycstreetart #spraypaint #spraycan #acrylic #drawing #wings #rat #birds #paintlife

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