March 24, 2015

Day 4. Art is powerful. It can influence, create change and raise awareness. Around 2005 Blek le Rat @blekleratoriginal created this stencil of Florence Aubenas. Florence is a journalist who was abducted in Iraq alongside her interpreter. Blek saw this in the news and was compelled to raise awareness of this issue. He took a photo of her face and used Sybille, his wife, as the model for the rest of the stencil body. These stencils were then pasted all over Paris in the most high traffic and significant areas across the city. Shortly there after Florence was released. Paris, 2005. #stencil #stencils #streetart #stencilart #stencilgraffiti #urbanart #urbancanvas #bleklerat #obeygiant #graffiti #graffitiart #obey #paris #parisart #parisgraffiti #bleklerat

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