2 Solo Shows (Aug/Oct)!! More News/Previews

March 25, 2008
It has been a busy couple of weeks. I (PaperMonster) have been putting a bunch of things together for several shows all around the world. I have also received some great news. What is it????? I will be having two solo shows. The first will be an amazing show for Dirty Pilot (www.dirtypilot.com) in August. Dirty Pilot is an incredible online gallery which showcases a huge amount of artist from all over the world. They currently have two shows running and you should definitely check them out. I have a huge amount of respect for the site and the hard work that has gone into it. There are many good finds for sale from the art world. In addition to the Dirty Pilot show, I will be having another solo show in October in Lancaster, PA. It will be for Metropolis Gallery/Store ( wwwmetropolis-store.com) which is an incredibly unique gallery in Pennsylvania. They currently have a show featuring works from AKO. The gallery showcases unique furniture, art toys, and a huge range of art products. Both locations are incredible and I am so honored to work with them. NOW TIME FOR WORK. Here is a sneak preview of projects which are coming up. I warped the images for a nice effect. So secretive.!! Enjoy The photos!!

What could this be? All I know is that it is in Italy right now with some friends. More news on this soon.

Work begins on gallery shows and some street art projects which are in the works. Cans?? One of these is in France right now. Love that picture effect.
Head over to Dirty Pilot to check out their current show and line of amazing products for sale. SHOW COMING IN AUGUST!!!Metropolis Gallery in Lancaster, PA. Check out the storefront. So beautiful.

More news coming soon. Enjoy.

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