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Progress Photos: PaperMonster “From Experience” Painting

January 12, 2016

¬†Each one of my paintings starts off with a simple idea followed by a more detailed sketch You can read more in my Stencil Art Tutorial (HERE). For my “From Experience” painting I started with the sketch you see below. These drawings are so important because they give me a reference point for what will or wont work as a stencil. Below you can some process and progress photos and see how the initial sketch turned out as a final painting.

Above you can see the initial sketch. The initial idea started out as a lion/woman combination but after sketching out the concept I realized I wanted the painting to have more symmetry. When I re-drew the sketch prior to cutting the stencil I removed the lion’s mane and turn the lion into a tiger.

Above you can see the final piece. You can see the symmetry and calculated placement of shapes. In the original drawing there were too many shapes that would clutter the stencil and were removed. See if you can spot what was kept and what never made it into the final piece.

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