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TerraCycle Graffiti Jam 08

August 10, 2008
This past Saturday Aug9th I had the great opportunity to take part in the TerraCycle Graffiti Jam 08. It was a beautiful event put on by Leon Rainbow and Albus Cavus and it hosted an incredible lineup of graffiti writers. As one of the only stencil artists in the mix, it was a great chance to meet some fantastic people and share the beauty behind stencil graffiti. One of the most powerful moments of the day was when Pose 2 ( invited me to paint alongside him and the other amazing graff writers including the The Wallnuts Crew on a massive wall. It was a beautiful event and I want to thank everyone who came out to support. Check out more pics of the day below.
(Thanks to Ren for taking incredible pictures throughout the day!!)
For More Pictures Visit

It was a beautiful day for the outdoor event.
Ren and PaperMonster in full effect.

Finished stencil graffiti piece from PaperMonster
Ren sporting her Paper Monster Tee (Buy Here)
Pose 2’s work is mind blowing. You wont realize the beauty and detail within the work he puts in.

PaperMonster and Maxx Moses aka Pose 2