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Stencil Group Show” Art Whino Gallery Opening Photos

November 16, 2008
This weekend was the opening of the Stencil Group Show for Art Whino Gallery and it has been one of my favorite shows this year. The show brings together stencil artists from all over the world into one collective space where people can truly take in the variety and ingenuity behind beautiful and raw stencil art. The entire collection will be opened until Dec 6th  with a special presentation by author of Stencil Nation, Russell Howze on November 23rd from 12-6pm.  You do not want to miss out on getting some affordable original works from some of the worlds most talented stencil artists including: PaperMonster, John Koleszar, LECKOmio, Chris Stain, Jef Aerosol,  E.L.K., Mefee, SOULE, Janet Bike Girl, Logan Hicks, Dave Lowell, Jazirock, Peter K, Billy Mode, PRVRT and many more.
John Koleszar and Stefan Winterle aka LECKOmio flew in for the show (John from Arizona and Stefan from Germany) and it was such a great experience to meet and work with them. They both helped a ton with the install and brought some incredible art to the event. I can not thank them enough for how big of a help they were and how honored I felt to be working with them. It was a pleasure and they are not just amazing stencil artists, they are amazing people. You can check out their work here: or
and or
Both are taking stencil art to new heights and pushing the envelope in terms of how intricate and mind blowing stencil art can become.

Check out pictures from the opening and the various artist installs of stencil art below::
(Click on images to view larger)

Ready for the opening.
LECKOmio (left) and Jef Aerosol (right)

Koleszar Install

Check out cans with can stencils on them.
Chris Stain
Janet “Bike Girl” and BlackBooks (above)

From left to right: Chris Stain, PaperMonster, E.L.K. and LECKomio

PaperMonster Install
PaperMonster Detail

Limited Edition Stencil pack made by BlackBooks of PaperMonster, ArtWhino and Scotch stencils.

LECKOmio Detail
His stencils have such quailty to them that they look like photographs.

Koleszar and Stefan/LECKOmio ready to tag.

Jazirock (left) and Koleszar (right)

PRVRT (left) and Billy Mode (right)
Peter K

Dave Lowell
Logan Hicks (above) and Blackbooks and Chris Stain (below)
PaperMonster signing
PaperMonster signing Sabotaz spraypaint
“When people don’t want to give you opportunities, STEAL THEM.” -PaperMonster
I said that once and I still believe that if you want something bad enough you have to do whatever it takes to reach your goal and continue your passion.

Pierre from and PaperMonster

Gabriella, Jazirock, and PaperMonster

Stefan aka LECKOmio and John KoleszarLECKOmio and PaperMonster Senior.
PaperMonster Senior is a master at hanging paintings!!

Packed house!!
-Paper Monster


Stencil Group Show Art Whino Gallery Nov 14th feat PaperMonster

November 3, 2008

::::GIANT NEWS::::

Art Whino and PaperMonster have organized a fantastic show that will really go down on November 14th. We have brought together some incredible stencil artists all under one roof. It is a massive installation of stencil art which will be affordable to the youngest of the young and the most passionate of collectors. There are expected to be over 500 pieces of affordable art and you will not want to miss this show. I will be documenting the entire event from the installation to the opening nite of the show. Stay posted for more info and check out the press release below::

Click on the flier to view larger!!

Here is the press release:::

Friday November 14th from 6-Midnight
Opening reception at Art Whino Gallery.

The gallery walls will be transformed as a 15 artists come out from all over the world for a huge install collaboration. Thirty artists will be showcased. Each artist will showcase 20 pieces created on found objects that will be integrated into and inspire the overall installation, bringing the gallery back into the realm of street art. These found object works will retail for $20 – $40, keeping the art accessible and true to its roots.

Music by DJ Face

Sunday. November 23rd, from Noon – 6pm
At Art Whino gallery
Stencil Nation book signing by Russell Howze.
Presentation by Russell Howze on the Art of Stencil 2 – 3pm
Panel discussion from 3 – 4pm focused on the popularity and growth of stencil art and it’s transition into fine art galleries.

This event is FREE and open to the public.
Show end date: Dec 6th

Stencil Artists
Alvaro Sanchez – Guatemala
BayTruthSeeker – California
Billy Mode – Baltimore
Chris Stain – New York
Dark – Texas
Dave Lowell – Texas
E.L.K – Australia
Enos – Texas
farkfk – UK
Janet Bike Girl – Canada
Jazirock – Virginia
Jef Aerosol – France
Koleszar – Arizona
Kristal Blanco – Italy
LECKOmio – Germany
Logan Hicks – New York
Prvrt – New York
Mama Sass – Chicago
MEFEE – France
Mephisto Jones – Australia
PaperMonster – New Jersey
Peter Krsko – DC
Scotch – Texas
SOULE – Seattle
stncl.07- Texas



“Feast” Opening Photos PaperMonster Solo Show

October 5, 2008

The opening of PaperMonster’s solo show “Feast” at Metropolis Gallery (Here) was this past Friday and it was truly magical!!. The crowd was massive and all walks of life came through the gallery to check out the show. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Angelo and Lisa from Metropolis Gallery as well as Lauren/Ren who is responsible for the beautiful pictures from the night. She is an amazing photographer. If you are interested in purchasing any of the remaining pieces contact for purchase info on pieces that have not been sold out. More photos to come!! Check out pictures from the opening below::

The store front!! Visit the gallery to get your latest art toys, furniture, and art.

Favorite expression of the night.
PaperMonster skateboard soon to be released.

Talking about Stencil Nation by Russell Howze.

Talking to kids about how the pieces are put together and the stories within each painting.

Stencil Nation by Russell HowzeThanks to Angelo and Lisa from Metropolis Gallery. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to work with them and I am looking forward to seeing them again. Stop by their shop at:
Metropolis Gallery
154 N Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
-Paper Monster


The Asian Interview with PaperMonster

August 20, 2008
——————————————- is happy to announce that it has launch it’s interview section and we are very glad to have our first interview be with a rising stencil artist, PaperMonster. You can check out more of his work at his blog: will be our feature Artist for our first issue of The Asian Economist Online Magazine, stay tune for the release date of the Magazine.


The Interview

Why did you choose the name PaperMonster?

The name PaperMonster came from a lot of different parts of my life but one was the huge amount of paper that I consume and the mess that comes with stenciling and later having a final product of a beautiful stencil, but then looking at the area around you and seeing the large amount of tiny paper fragments which are so hard to clean up. The name fits well and at the same time there is this opposition occurring where the name PaperMonster is very strong and you imagine chaos but my work is very focused on beauty and subtleties with loud colors.

When did you start doing stencil and what/who influence you in the beginning?

I started about four years ago doing very ugly stencils at the time when I had little to no skills. I used all of the wrong types of materials and had no concept of negative space. The first stencil involved a cartoon character I used to draw constantly and the second stencil was of my face wearing a respirator mask. The cartoon looked great but my face looked horrible. I would spend days on just one stencil and now I can spend only a couple hours and come out with something incredible. I remember buying my first stencil book “Stencil Graffiti” and it blew my mind. I wanted so desperately to be a famous stencil graffiti artist. Things take time and success does not come over night. I still dream about becoming a famous stencil artist.

Where do you get your ideas for your works?

I get my ideas from real people expressing true beauty. I am inspired……….

More Here (LINK)
-Paper Monster


Stencil Nation Book (Out Now !!!) Incredible

June 13, 2008
Two beautiful packages came in the mail yesterday. One, the highly anticipated Stencil Nation Book by Russell Howze ( The second package involves a very exciting show coming up fro Art Whino in a couple of months. You can catch a hint towards the end of the post. Now back to talking about Stencil Nation!!
The book is purely and simply one word: PHENOMENAL
It truly captures the roots as well as present/future state of stencil art. In it you will find photos and commentary covering topics/artist throughout the world. The book covers it all from the most simple yet powerful stencils from people just inspired to leave a message, to the most dedicate artists in the world exploring the possibilities of beauty behind stencil art. There is a remarkable Chronology of stencil art history as well as a section purely dedicated to shedding light into the best tips for any artist who is looking to explore and have a hands-on approach to stencil art. I highly suggest you pick up a copy. Bookstores in NYC have already sold out of the book (I have the best sources aka Ren.) Make sure to visit and pick up a copy or visit your local bookstore. If they don’t have it, take a piece of paper and write the name as big as possible for them so they can order it!! A huge thanks to Russell Howze for truly putting a incredible piece of art together. Thank you. Check out some of the appearances by PaperMonster in the book below. Amazing!!

Fantastic cover and great size. There is a slight hint of an upcoming sticker design. What could it be?
This is in the stencil cut-outs section. Fantastic.

Stenciling tips by PaperMonster and several other artist.

TAGUR??? What could this new project be about??? Stay posted!!


Via Juxtapoz (PaperMonster x Dirty Pilot) and Stencil Nation Promo

May 20, 2008
——————————————————————Just checked out the front page of (Click Here) and they did a wonderful post on the new pieces by PaperMonster which are available at Several of the pieces have been sold and I have been working on some beautiful pieces for the solo show. This summer is looking to be very exciting with many shows in the works. One of the exciting projects which will drop in June is the book Stencil Nation by Russell Howze. It is a fantastic book with some incredible artist from all over the globe. Russell sent over some beautiful promotion materials which I will be spreading around and placing up once the window display goes up in Graffiti Comix (NJ.) Check out some pictures below and make sure to order the book here:
(click on link above)
Thanks to Juxtapoz for the post. Amazing.

Check out he list of artist featured in the book:

-struct • 2+2=5 • 237 • Project • A1one • Above • Adam5100 • ak Crew • Aler
ALIAS • AME72 • Amy Rice • Ana Santos • Arofish • Artiste Ouvrier • Asaro • Ashley
Montague • Aulala • Banksy • Beefcon • Beta • biafra • Bleak • Boom • boxi • Breakfast
• Brother • Chris Stain • Christopher Bettig • Claire Claude Moller • Colectivo
Arte • Jaguar • colectivo revolver • Colectivo Zape • Coolture • Craig McPhee • DA!
Dense • Devir • Dildo Society • Doctor H • DOLK • Don Leicht • Dwell • EAT • Eelus
Eime • En • Ephemera • erik ruin • erok • etta cetera • Eyeformation • EZO • FDOE
Fragil • funk25 • Gay Shame • George Pfau • Gigantic • Granix • Hao • Herzog • Hyst
Invent • is bach • J. Grider • James Wodarek • Janet “Bike Girl” Attard • Janne
Sitanen • Jared “Jast” Davey • Jef Aérosol • jodi netzer • John Fekner • John Luna
Josh MacPhee • Julie Shiels • Ken Kelton • Klutch • Kontra • Kowalski • Logan Hicks
Los Piratos • LSB • M-City • MAC • Margaret • Mephisto Jones • Michael Kenny
Mind Fuck • MIR • MOR • Mr. Prvrt • Nemo • Nils Westergard • Nin9 • Niz • Olivia
PaperMonster • Peat Wollaeger • Pez • Phibs • PIXNIT • PNEU • Purple Dog Crew
Quasikunst • Radio Free Valhalla • Ripper 1331 • Royal Fish Club • Russell Howze
Salt • Scott Blake • Scott Williams • Scout • Ser • Shaun Slifer • Shepard Fairy
Shlomo Faber • Smek • Soule (KiM McCarthy) • “Steakhouse” Pritchett • Sten
Stephen Lambert • Straefling • Sub • SUB.LING.UAL • sucht • Sunshine Stencil
Posse • Swoon • Target • The Strangers • Tiago Denczuk • Unit • Vhils • vierkommafunffreunde
• Vil • Withremote • Yezka • Young People’s Foundation Collective

Check out the promotional material which Russell sent over. Also check out a mystery stencil on the right. What could it be?


Book: Stencil Nation!! feat. PaperMonster

April 25, 2008
Hello Everyone!!
This is an incredible post on a ton of different projects that are coming together and you should definitely check out. First my skate deck design for ADM Skateboards ( or ) is in full production and I will be letting you see how it looks along with the rest of the new line from ADM Skateboards. I received a sneak peek and the deck looks phenomenal. Extremely excited!!

Click to Purchase!!!
The book is by Russell Howze and you can catch the book’s site here:
The layout of the website is incredible and you can only expect even more amazing things from the book. You can purchase it through the site but if you do not like flash you can visit:
The book holds work from a huge list of incredibly talented artist. You can purchase the book through either site or check it out in your local bookstore.
I have plans to do several window displays for the book working with Graffiti Comix (Belleville, NJ) once the book is officially release in June!!!

This is the storefront of Graffiti Comix!! I will be working on the right side. It is going to look great. Stay posted for more information. I will post a nice tiny preview of things I have been working on for my solo shows by this weekend. Enjoy. -PaperMonster