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Australia: Spin That Thing Group Show May 22nd feat PaperMonster

May 21, 2009
If you are in the Melbourne, Australia area you will not want to miss out on this week long exhibition of art on vinyl records from Famous When Dead Gallery (HERE). Artists from all over the world have taken on vinyl records as a great medium for self expression and you do not want to let this show pass you by. You can catch one of the record in the show from PaperMonster and for further information click on the flier below:
Famous When Dead Gallery
Opening Night May 22nd
For Details Visit: HERE

PaperMonster: Stencil Collage on Vinyl Record
Title: I Am Never Late

Paper Monster


April 9th: Melbourne “Your Kid Can’t Do This” Group Show feat PaperMonster

April 9, 2009
If you are in the Melbourne area do not miss out on “Your Kid Can’t Do This” (HERE) which is a traveling stencil group show full of powerful stencil art which opens this Thursday April 9th at the Famous When Dead Gallery (Melbourne, Australia.) The show features art from internationally recognized artists such as::: Orticanoodles (ITA) Vexta (AUS) Tesura (AUS) Deed (UK) A1one (Iran) Lucamaleonte (ITA) Joshua Smith (AUS) Kirpy (AUS) Papermonster (USA) Koleszar (USA) Haha (AUS) Czarnobyl (GER) Penny (UK) Soule (USA) Snik (UK) Adam5100 (USA) Eyeski (UK) E.L.K (AUS) Jamin (AUS) Spizz (FR) LECKOmio (GER) Jef Aerosol (FR) Byrd (AUS)

Click on the flier below for more information or visit:


MSF 2008 Press Images Thanks to Koleszar

October 27, 2008
My good stencil artists friend John Koleszar sent over these scans of press for the Melbourne Stencil Art Festival 2008 which featured stencil art by PaperMonster. You can catch the scans below and click on the images to view them larger. Also, check out Koleszar’s fantastic work over at:

He is an incredibly talented artist and strong person who is battleing cancer and will surely be in great health soon.

Thanks again Koleszar!!
-Paper Monster