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DirtyPilot x PaperMonster T-Shirt Release!!!

June 4, 2008
————————————————————————– (Here) has just released a new series of T-shirts designed by several artist including PaperMonster. The designs are fantastic and very powerful. All of the shirts are very affordable and they are incredible quality. You can find two different designs from PaperMonster (black and white, and 5 color.) Be sure to stay posted to DirtyPilot for more incredible shows from very talented artist including an upcoming solo show from PaperMonster. Also, check out the incredible site (Here) which covers all aspects of life and culture. The site is incredible and they did a great post on PaperMonster. Check out the pictures below and to purchase some beautiful T-shirts visit:
All shirts are printed on American Apparel !!!

Much love to Seshn and DirtyPilot for the incredible work!!