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SEPT 18th: “Friends With Knives” Stencil Group Show curated by PaperMonster

September 1, 2009 and PaperMonster have teamed up to present a wonderful range of skill and creativity from some of today’s most talented stencil artists from all over the globe. On Sept 18th (HERE) will open their first stencil group show titled “Friends With Knives” curated by PaperMonster. The stencil art show will exhibit pioneers, established and up-and-coming stencil artists such as: LECKOmio (HERE) , E.L.K. (HERE) , SOULE (HERE) , Peat Wollaeger (HERE) , PaperMonster (HERE) , L.E.T. (HERE), Nathan Phaneuf (HERE), A1One (HERE) , Billy Mode , Ben Slow (HERE) , Koleszar (HERE), Dave Lowell (HERE) , Mefee (HERE) , Roy Schreuder (HERE) , and HAHA (HERE). This show aims at demonstrating the variety of stencil art techniques in both message and style at a global level with artists from Iran, Germany, USA, Australia, FranceĀ and the United Kingdom. Stencil graffiti art continues to be a powerful growing force in todays art world and it is this level of talent that is pushing the field of stencils into beautiful new heights.

Catch more info and works from each artist in “Friends With Knives” below:::
“Friends With Knives” Stencil Group Show
When: September 18th 2009
Until: October 18th 2009
PaperMonster: HERE
Ben Slow : HERE
A1One: Here
Koleszar : HERE
HAHA : HERE LECKOmio /Stefan Winterle : HERE
Dave Lowell : HERE
Nathan Phaneuf : HERE
Peat Wollaeger : HERE
SOULE : HERE Roy Schreuder : HERE