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March 3, 2010
I have been painting like I have never painted before and it is pure chaos. I am so excited about these new paintings and in the next couple of weeks I will be showing you what I have put together for my solo show in Paris opening May 6th. Stay posted!!
Almost there. So much more to be done.
The bloodbath of cans. They will live forever in my heart.


February 12, 2010
Preparations continue for my solo show in Paris less than three months away in May titled “PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy.”(More Details Coming Soon) It is a really exciting time creating so much new material and evolving older works and ideas. I will be posting studio and progress shots of the entire process in the weeks leading up to the show as well as news of upcoming group shows and other projects. Check out some photos below.

25% of the total amount of cans in the studio right now. You don’t want to see where the other 75% of the cans are. It is a mess.