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Opening July 2nd PaperMonster Solo Show: “PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy” @VMGallery

June 28, 2010
It is almost HERE!! Friday, July 2nd will mark the opening of “PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy” my solo show opening at Vincent Michael Gallery which is planning to have a massive opening reception. There are many surprises which I will be releasing details on all this week up until the opening of the show. This is by far my largest solo show and has some of the most amazing work I have ever created. The gallery doors open at 6pm sharp so make to stop by early to check it out. For more info check below or visit:

PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy
PaperMonster Solo Show

When: Friday July 2nd to Saturday July 31st

Opening Reception: Friday, July 2nd 6pm-9pm

More information and RSVP Contact: 215.399.1580 x.703 or

Where: Vincent Michael Gallery

1050 N. Hancock St. Suite #63

Philadelphia, PA 19147

There is great access to parking and the location is gorgeous which you can find more info on here:

Photo by Jeffrey W. Bussmann

Via VM Gallery

Vincent Michael Gallery is proud to present ‘PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy.’ A solo exhibition featuring prolific stencil artist, PaperMonster. The exhibition is on display from July 2nd to July 31st. In honor of PaperMonster’s solo exhibition, Vincent Michael Gallery will be hosting an opening reception Friday, July 2nd from 6pm to 9pm.

To highlight PaperMonster’s personal and artistic growth over the past few years, it was only fitting his solo exhibition with Vincent Michael Gallery be titled ‘PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy.’ PaperMonster’s current oeuvre has taken his signature female images and infused each piece with greater depth, meaning and emotive expression. Each piece is a beautiful combination of layered imagery, textures and colors conveying themes of love, anger, fear, passion and mystery. Several portraits are layered images of women and powerful animals; speaking to the strength, ferocity and power that each women carries within. By continually developing his distinct use of collage, PaperMonster has taken his striking ability to explore facial expressions to new levels.

Preparing something MASSIVE/LARGE/HUGE!

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Photo Explosion Part 2: G40 Art Summit

March 17, 2010
Here is the second batch of photos from the G40 Art Summit curated by Art Whino Gallery. In total there were 5 floors, 500+ artists contributing, and 75,000 square feet… yeah 75 thousand!! The opening party was gigantic and I tried my best to capture some of the best and greatest highlights from the opening. Enjoy the photos and for Part 1 of the photo batch from the show visit (HERE). G40 is open all through the month of March so if you are in the area make sure to catch the show. For more info on the G40 Art Summit visit:
PaperMonsterDrew Storm Graham. Very talented artists. This piece is actually a 3 dimensional sculpture. His work is impressive to say the least. I think I have another photo of Drew’s work below.
This entire room was filled with wires and buttons.

Jim Darling detail of installation
Daryll Peirce Installation

Jim Darling Install
John Koleszar
Angry Woebots live painting
Remi Mead live painting.
Daryll Peirce live painting
PaperMonster and Ren!!
Peter Chang and PaperMonster
Drew Strong Graham’s work.
That image looks like a 2D illustration but it is actually multiple layers installed on the wall. Well done Drew!

Brandon Hill Installtion
Michael Owen Installation
Michael Owen Installation
James Walker installation
James Walker Installation
Loved these photos of old spray cans.
Leon Rainbow

Jazi and Decoy

Emily Greene Liddle
Emily Green Liddle

SUEWORKS and HERM install
Morten Andersen

PaperMonster and Daryll Peirce
Scott Brooks and PaperMonster
Angry Woebots finished live painting
Remi Mead finished live painting
PaperMonster and Angry Woebots
Hope you enjoyed the photos!!