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Upcoming Group Shows feat PaperMonster

March 19, 2009


As I am working on several new pieces (very exciting) there are several group shows with will be opening in the next several weeks. The first is “Your Kid Can’t Do This” which will travel to Melbourne and if you are in Australia you will not want to miss out on this amazing collection of artists. The second is the “Also Known As: Bandanna Art Show” which will take place in Austin, Texas and will showcase a powerful group of artists all customizing Bandannas with original art. Check out more information below::::

For More Info Visit:

Melbourne 16th—26th April 2009 Famous When Dead Gallery opening night — Friday 17th April

Also Known As:: Bandanna Art Show
Opening: Thursday March 19th
Hours: 8 – 12
Lucky Flame Gallery
Formerly Obsolete Industries World Headquarters
2207 E 5th St
Austin, TX 78702
-Paper Monster

A.K.A: A Bandana Art Show feat PaperMonster Dec 13th (LA)

December 10, 2008
Bomit presents A.K.A.: A Bandana Art Show featuring a huge line-up of artists including PaperMonster. Artists from all over the world have customized their Bandanas representing their artistic style and vision. The show will take place Saturday Dec 13th from 7-1opm over at 1549 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026

You will not want to miss our on this show and you can catch the full lineup of artist below and over at:

Check out PaperMonster’s custom Bandan for the show below.“A.K.A.” (Also Known As)
A Bandana Art Show

Participating Artist List: 2 Cents (California), .88 PROOF (California), Abel (Texas), ABCNT (California), ACK! (Texas), AKO (California), Arrrgh! (Netherlands), Asbestos (Ireland), Christian Azul (Texas), B~Kay (Texas), BASK (Florida), B3AK (Hawaii), Billi Kid (New York), Black Ader (New York), Branded (California), Adrian Landon Brooks (California), Eli Brumbaugh (Texas), Bytedust (Netherlands), C Damage (France), Capish (France), Caspa (Maryland), Cat Cult (California), Cherrycore (Argentina), Cieto ATV, (New York) Cutthroat (Texas), DAVe (California), Matthew Dayler (Kentucky), Dazed.Revolter (Germany), Death Head (Texas), Discoshit (New Jersey), Dual (Texas), DumpStar (Texas), Emily Strange (California), Ron English (New York), Enik One (California), Ethos (California), Euthanasia 138 (California), Evil Design (Massachusetts), Eyeskull (Nebraska), Failure (Texas), Shepard Fairey (California), FARO (New York), Fear The Ripper (Russia), Fefe (Spain), Ferg (Texas), Gaia (Maryland), Give Up (Texas), Lisa Marie Godfrey (Texas), GoldenStash (Massachusetts), Gonzo247 (Texas), Logan Hicks (California), Inspire (Israel), Jef Aerosol (France), JESone aka JHearts (New York), Jet-pac (England), Join The Surveillance (California), Josh? (California), Justin Kees (California), Killer Gerbil (Singapore), Know Hope (Israel), Scot LeFavor (Colorado), Anthony Lister (Australia), LukeDaDuke (Netherlands), Philip Lumbang (California), Magmo The Destroyer (Rhode Island), Matt Siren (New York), M-BW (California), Zach McDonald (Texas), Meat (Texas), Mephisto Jones (Australia), Nano (Texas), Mildred (Oregon), Mimi the Clown (France), Christian Navarrete (Texas), NO/FI (California), Nomad (California), Paper Monster (New York), Daryll Peirce (California), Peru Ana Ana Peru (New York), Pixel Pancho (Spain), Rabodiga (Spain), Relax (Pennsylvania), Remed (Spain), Robots Will Kill (New York), Royce Bannon (New York), SHARK TOOF (California), Derek Shumate (Texas), Skewville (New York), Skullphone (California), Sleep ZZZ (Australia), Smear (California), Smog City (California), SNUB (England), Subhumanoid (California), Toy Eater (California), Uneek (New York), Unseen (California), Verb (Texas), Visual Narcotics/20mg (California), Peat Wollaeger (Missouri), YAR! (Texas), Ernesto Yerena (California),many more.

Live Performances by Rheteric and Damarisland

PaperMonster Bandana for “Also Known As” presented by Bomit

-Paper Monster