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DirtyPilot Group Show Feat. PaperMonster and Coverage on Metropolis Gall

July 7, 2008
There are many new shows and projects taking place in these upcoming months. One of them is an exciting group show coming up with with a great list of artist. I will be posting more details as soon as I get more information, but you can check out two of my pieces for the show below. Both pieces were inspired by the upcoming Olympics taking place on 8.8.08. About two summers ago I had the opportunity to visit Beijing and travel through China. It is absolutely beautiful but while there will be a celebration of sporting events there are also many issues within the country as any country which will be overshadowed. These two pieces attempt at speaking to what is going on at a deeper level within the country. Check out more below. (Click on images to view larger)

This is the first time that I have put an actual stencil within a piece. This piece is within a large black frame and the glass is painted while the stencil is floating inside.

Details of larger image.

This is the canvas piece after using the stencil which is held in the frame in the first piece.

More details of the piece.

Also check out the fantastic post of PaperMonster’s stencil art over at Thanks Katie!! Catch the post here: (