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Zine Round-Up!! News

December 10, 2007

The past couple of months have been filled with a great amount of projects. I wanted to post some of the recent magazine that you can find out there which feature PaperMonster. The first is an amazing magazine Nicer Shit: (myspace) Nicer Shit is a print run limited to 200 zines, hand numbered and distributed for free. Find it Free in NYC:
My Plastic Heart
Reed Space
Giant Robot
Kid Robot
** While attending the current Levine Gallery Show, I ran into a couple of copies of Nicer Shit, so keep an eye out for the mag where you least expect it.

The next zine is Exactly Magazine. This magazine features a great collection of photos, interviews, and great fashion shoots. PaperMonster is featured in two pages with various works.

In other news: be sure to stay tuned for teaser images of new pieces for a show in VA for Art Whino which will take place in January. Thanks again for all of the support. For more info contact


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