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Photo Explosion Part 2: G40 Art Summit

March 17, 2010
Here is the second batch of photos from the G40 Art Summit curated by Art Whino Gallery. In total there were 5 floors, 500+ artists contributing, and 75,000 square feet… yeah 75 thousand!! The opening party was gigantic and I tried my best to capture some of the best and greatest highlights from the opening. Enjoy the photos and for Part 1 of the photo batch from the show visit (HERE). G40 is open all through the month of March so if you are in the area make sure to catch the show. For more info on the G40 Art Summit visit:
PaperMonsterDrew Storm Graham. Very talented artists. This piece is actually a 3 dimensional sculpture. His work is impressive to say the least. I think I have another photo of Drew’s work below.
This entire room was filled with wires and buttons.

Jim Darling detail of installation
Daryll Peirce Installation

Jim Darling Install
John Koleszar
Angry Woebots live painting
Remi Mead live painting.
Daryll Peirce live painting
PaperMonster and Ren!!
Peter Chang and PaperMonster
Drew Strong Graham’s work.
That image looks like a 2D illustration but it is actually multiple layers installed on the wall. Well done Drew!

Brandon Hill Installtion
Michael Owen Installation
Michael Owen Installation
James Walker installation
James Walker Installation
Loved these photos of old spray cans.
Leon Rainbow

Jazi and Decoy

Emily Greene Liddle
Emily Green Liddle

SUEWORKS and HERM install
Morten Andersen

PaperMonster and Daryll Peirce
Scott Brooks and PaperMonster
Angry Woebots finished live painting
Remi Mead finished live painting
PaperMonster and Angry Woebots
Hope you enjoyed the photos!!


Photo Explosion Part 1: G40 Art Summit

March 15, 2010
Below you can catch the first batch of photos from the G40 Art Summit curated by Art Whino Gallery. The summit had a massive amount of impressive art, installations, murals, live painting, and amazing times. I have done my best to capture some of my personal favorites and highlights from G40. Stay posted for the second batch of photos later on in the week. If you have any questions or would like more info on any of the artists please visit: or email me PaperMonster at PaperMonster hand brush! PaperMonster collage detail. Joe Iurato talented stencil artist. TMNK Gaia Gaia Gaia Love these pieces which you need a camera phone or camera viewfinder to see the painting with higher definition. Very unique concept. Gigi Bio Loved these pieces by Casey Weldon (what an awesome last name) SUEWORKS and Herm Casey Weldon Casey Weldon Frame (7th Letter) NACHO PaperMonster New York Floor Morten Andersen Jaw dropping installation by Adrian ‘Viajero” Roman Incredible talent Adrian ‘Viajero” Roman Adrian ‘Viajero” Roman Adrian ‘Viajero” Roman and PaperMonster Owen Beckmann Emma Overman Emma Overman
ANKOBrandi Read Angry Woebots and Remi Mead collaboration Stencil Artists John Koleszar Arabella Great instal from Daryll Peirce Jim Darling instal from floor to ceiling. Super skilled right there. Josh Taylor Paul Chatem Beautiful pieces by Munk One Jophen Stein Angry Woebots Angry Woebots Angry Woebots Kelly Castillo Justin Lovato Jessica Van Brakle Scott Brooks PaperMonster PaperMonster PaperMonster interviewing Stay posted for Part 2 of the photo explosion!! Enjoy PaperMonster

Nov 7th: Old Skoolin For The Children Group Show Feat PaperMonster @ Art Whino x Portals Theater Washington, DC

October 30, 2009
A great ONE NIGHT ONLY event is taking place on November 7th at the Portals Theater in Washington, DC. Art Whino Gallery, DMC (from Run-DMC), and the WHALER’s Creation have teamed up to create a gallery show fundraiser benefiting children. It is a traveling exhibition with a fantastic line-up of artists. PaperMonster is honored to be part of the show and you do not want to miss out on the night’s festivities. Check out more info below.
Via Art Whino:
Art Whino and WHALER’s Creation present “Old Skoolin’ for the Children,” a four city concert and art show tour that brings together the best visual and musical artists to benefit programs that support foster care and adoption programs. Legendary founder of the hip-hop movement Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC will perform old skool, throw back shows true to the roots of the genre. Over 100 of Art Whino’s internationally renowned talents from the underground street art world will be showcasing their old school, 80’s themed creations.
Event Location:The Portals Theater
1236 Maryland Ave, SW
Washington, DC 20024
Saturday, Nov 7th, from 6pm – 12pm
$25 advance tickets, $35 at the door – Non Profit Donation Entry
Fee Exhibit featuring work by 100+ Art Whino Artists
Show Run Date: 1 Day so don’t Miss it!
Art Installation by AM RADIO
Special musical performance by:Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC
Opening for DMC will be the winner of the Talent Search Competition.
For more information visit:
More Show Info Here:
Purchase Tickets here:
Press please email for full access to the show.
PaperMonster – Remember Me?
Stencil Collage on Canvas
Click on Images To View Larger
Click on Images To View Larger
Click on Images To View Larger

Art Whino Gallery: Stencil Show Video

April 29, 2009


Several months back I had the opportunity to work alongside Art Whino Gallery to put together a stencil art show featuring some of the most talented stencil artists in the US and abroad. I recently ran into this video shot at the opening of the show. The video teaches 1 valuable lesson: When you sing your name (PaperMonster) to check volume levels…they will use it every time!! Lesson learned. Enjoy.

Stencil Show from Miguel “M.i.G.” Martinez on Vimeo.

-Paper Monster



May Day: May 1st Art Whino Gallery Group Show feat PaperMonster (National Harbor)

April 26, 2009
This upcoming MayDay, Friday May 1st, Art Whino Gallery (HERE) will be having a group show featuring works from artists on the theme of Globalization and World Issues. PaperMonster will be featured in this show and my piece focuses on many things such as the economy, fear of loss, and being resiliant in times of change or danger. Make sure to stop at the show to check the piece out for yourself. You can really sit down and look at this piece for quite some time and see all of the different stories.
May 1st:: Art Whino Gallery
173 Waterfront St
National Harbor, MD 20745

PaperMonster- We Make The World Turn
Dimensions: 22″ x 28″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
For Purchase Info Contact:

Detail Shot (above)
(click on image for further information)
(click on image for further information)
Paper Monster


Art Whino x TAGUR Group Show (Video)

August 4, 2008

YouTube Version (Above)

Vimeo link(Better Quality) :

Check out the video (above) of the ArtWhino x TAGUR group show opening featuring works from some incredible artist. The entire event was fantastic and it included; food, music, art, and breakdancing. Enjoy!!



TAGUR Custom Shoe by PaperMonster

August 4, 2008
PaperMonster’s TAGUR custom shoe featuring four distinct stencil designs is currently on show over at Art Whino Gallery. They look amazing and you can catch pictures of the entire show in the post below. Be sure to stay tuned for a beautiful video of the show’s opening night!!

To purchase contact
Custom sneaker size 9.5:: $180
Canvas 20″x24″ ::$600

Paper Monster canvas and custom sneaker!!
Custom sneakers size 9.5::: $180
To purchase contact



ArtWhino Gallery x TAGUR (Photos) Group Show

August 4, 2008
It is truly difficult to put into words the amazing opening night that Art Whino and TAGUR put on this past Saturday night over at National Harbor, MD. It was a wonderful show full of talented artist and their take on custom sneakers. One of the biggest surprises of the night was to see the Fall release of the PaperMonster skate deck(only $65.00) from ADM Skateboards ( The full release is COMING SOON but make sure to contact if you want to get your hands on the decks EARLY. They are going extremely fast and you can check out photos of some of the buyers from the night below. It was a great chance to meet many new faces and catch up with friends from past Art Whino shows such as Adam Russell and JAZI. Check out more photos of the festivities below. Thanks again to everyone at Art Whino (Shane, Susannah, Brenna, Sandra and everyone who help organize the event!!)

Be Sure To Catch More Images Over At Paper Monster’s Flickr Here:

JAZI put this together for the opening. Amazing
The crowd gathered for what was an amazing display of breakdancing. Video coming soon.

PaperMonster, Adam Russell, and Shane Pomajambo (owner of Art Whino Gallery)

PaperMonster shoes and canvas.

Chatting with Adrian Loving of Dissident Display Studios and Gallery.

PaperMonster signing his ADM Skateboards deck for a great fan.

Custom shoes up for display cover the entire gallery.

Breakdancing still photo. Catch the full action in the video to come.

PaperMonster Deck: Only $65.00
To purchase before the full release of the line contact
Shane, Tahj and PaperMonster. Tahj purchased the first deck of the night!!
Art Whino goes all out every time to put on a fantastic event!!
PaperMonster Canvas and Custome shoe

PaperMonster, JAZI and Shawn Huddleston.

One of the final buyers of the nite. Great couple. Thank you for the support!!

For more visit Paper Monster’s Flickr Page::::
Thanks again