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Available: PaperMonster T-Shirts and Skate Decks!!

April 29, 2014

There are new PaperMonster T-Shirts and Skate Decks available!!

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Choke Urban Creation: Urban Art Umbrellas

December 21, 2011

PaperMonster (USA) , A1one (Tehran), and Cabiao (Buenos Aires) have collaborated with Choke Urban Creation (Germany) on a set of artist designed umbrellas. Each umbrella comes in an artist designed box and features a one button auto-open/close feature with an aluminum shaft and fiberglass ribs. These umbrellas are unlike anything you will see outdoors and truly make a powerful and beautiful statement.

For more visit:





PaperMonster Umbrella x Choke Urban Creation

December 21, 2011

I have teamed up with Choke Urban Creation (HERE), a great new company from Germany to bring you a fantastic new product. Below are photos of the new PaperMonster Umbrella based on my original paint “Outlaw”. I am extremely proud of this project and can not wait to share it with everyone. You can purchase your very own at the following link below:

  • One button auto-open/close
  • 100% polyester
  • 53.5cm (open), 28cm (closed)
  • Aluminium shaft
  • Aluminium and Fiberglass ribs
  • coloured box


Inked Souls Show (ArtWhinoGallery Aug 2nd) Mark Your Calendars!!!

July 1, 2008
As promised here is the flyer hot off the press of the Art Whino x TAGUR shoes “Inked Souls” show going down on August 2nd. It is an honor to join the 35 artist chosen to create some incredible art for the show. The list of artist is incredible and it ranges from legendary graffiti artist to fine art/modern art creators. I am very excited to check out the work of some old friends like Adam Russell and Jazirock which I had the pleasure of meeting during our group show. Check out more info on the image below and feel free to spread the word on the show:::

(Click on image to view larger)

Stay posted for shot of my finished shoe design as well as the canvas piece that will go along with the shoe!!


West and East Coast Shows This Weekend feat. PaperMonster!!!

June 2, 2008
This weekend is extremely exciting as I will be taking part in group shows on both coast. There are two exhibitions for the release of Stencil Nation, by Russell Howze ( which is an incredible book on stencil art. That is on the West Coast and on the East PaperMonster will be taking part in a show with CryBaby Gallery (HERE) in the beautiful Asbury Park, NJ. Also PaperMonster will be taking part in the incredible show “I am 8-Bit” coming in August which is going to be fantastic. You can catch some pictures of several of the pieces that you can catch at the shows. I am very proud of them. Hope that you like them!!!

Here is the info on the shows:

Friday, June 6
7 PM to Midnight
Revolution Cafe
3248 22nd St. (at Bartlett)
SF, CA 94110
Stencil Collage on Canvas
To purchase contact:

Flower Child
Stencil Collage on Canvas
To purchase contact:

Sat., June 7
Noon to 4 PM
The sidewalk in front of Al’s Comics
1803 Market St. (at Octavia)
SF, CA 94103

Come and Celebrate the Release of Stencil Nation!!!!

flight of fancy
Saturday, June 7th 2008 from 7:30 to 10:30 pm
Crybaby art gallery is located:
717 cookman avenue Asbury Park, NJ 07712

City Water
20″ x 24″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
To purchase contact:

Stencil Collage on Plexi
To purchase contact:

Ready and Willing
20″ x 24″ Stencil Collage on Canvas
To purchase contact:

Hope that you enjoy the new pieces and stay posted for some INCREDIBLE new paintings which I have yet to show!!!!


International Poster Art Show (Roma, Italy) feat. PaperMonster

May 24, 2008
PaperMonster is going international!! The International Poster Art event took place last Friday in Roma in which several artists, including PaperMonster displayed several pasted posters. This is the event’s third edition and it was an incredible showcase of talent. The show will take place from:
16 May- 16 June 2008
Atelier Occupato Esc
Via dei Reti 15 – Roma
Make sure to check it out. It is truly a show not to be missed!!!
You can catch more information here:

The space looks incredible. There are some incredible artists in this show and you must check it out if you are in ROMA!!

PaperMonster poster of my stencil Fury!!

PaperMonster poster of my good friend the General!!

Thanks to Smeech’s for the beautiful pictures he took of the event!! Check them out:

Gigantic space!!

Thanks to valerio83roma for the pictures. Find more here: