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Monkee Design: PaperMonster Interview

February 8, 2010
I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Monkee Design (HERE) for an interview on all things new and old with my art. Monkee Design is an industrial design and student resource blog and during the interview we discussed everything from my mindset when creating paintings, the materials I use, what shows are in store for 2010, resources for students interested in urban art and stencil graffiti, and advise for young people with the desire to create. My favorite part of the interview is that it goes through some of my past work and you can see the evolution in style and quality of the paintings that has taken place through time. You can read the entire interview for yourself over at Monkee Design: PaperMonster Interview (HERE) or click on any of the image below.

“I think the main thing is to not limit yourself to what materials you use whether they are physical materials or computer tools and programs. Don’t get stuck in “Oh I only use a certain spray paint brand or Photoshop or Oils,” because you can really box yourself in and prevent some real discoveries for yourself. It helps you we well rounded and better prepared for future opportunities or challenges that may come.” -PaperMonster


“When I first started to paint I had no supplies or resources, and it is the support of people who have purchased my work, provided me with opportunities to show and encouraged me to continue to create that I have been able to make better quality work. I can not thank people enough for how much I appreciate their support. Never forget people that have been by your side since the beginning. “-PaperMonster


“The best piece of advise I can give is: “Take Your Time.” When you are ready then you are ready. I know that sounds like a cliché but it is absolutely true. If you rush your work it will show in the quality. Everyone wants to have solo shows and amazing success but it does not come over night. Take the time to put in a strong effort and people will admire and respect what you do.” -PaperMonster