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400ml Project: The Video feat PaperMonster

December 5, 2008
If you speak french or now someone who does, you will love this video of the 400ml project show and book release party which took place in France and showcases 400 customized spraypaint cans from the top artists around the globe. To learn more about the project featuring PaperMonster visit
400 ml project[1]
Uploaded by Nikkhom

-Paper Monster


400ml Project Book Release featuring PaperMonster

October 24, 2008
They 400ml Project is currently available for pre-order before the incredible book release planned in Paris, France later next week. The book contains images of 400 customized cans!!! It is massive. Below you can check out the cover of the book as well as an image of Paper Monster’s can which was taken before being sent over for the book. For More details check out:::
or purchase the book at:::

The spraycan is one of the emblematic symbols of street art, as much for connoisseurs as for the artists of this movement, even if other techniques are used like the stencil or collage.
In reference to the standard contents of a spraycan, 400 ml, the limit of 400 spraycans was set for the collection. This book presents this unique collection of 400 original works by artists from all over the world each using the same specifications: customization of an empty 400ml spraycan.
400ml. The Collection
432pp/400 in full color

This is PaperMonster’s can for the collection. Stay posted for snaps of pages from the book and better images of PaperMonster’s can.