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Koleszar: A Friend With Knives

May 26, 2010

It is always important to surround yourself with people who are driven, motivated and push you to do bigger and better things. Koleszar (HERE) just sent over this photo of a recent stencil he completed. This is his process:

“What I am doing is breaking the image down into a color half tone, color separating out the cyan magenta yellow and black, and then cutting out all the dots. Time consuming to say the least. This one here was almost 2 months of cutting alone.”-Koleszar

I am blown away by how much time this type of stencil takes and it is a great example of how stencils can be used to really push art in a powerful way. The things your can do with your hand using stencils and your imagination is unlimited. Hopefully Koleszar’s work motivates you to try something new and creative today.
Check out some images below:
Completed stencils together.
Click on Image to View Larger.
Stencil Layer
Another example of this CMYK stencil technique.


Stencil Artist::: John Koleszar

February 25, 2009
I just received an amazing package in the mail from my good friend John Koleszar (HERE) It is a massive stencil art piece featuring a beautiful beach scene. The size is massive and the amount of detail is great. John is an extremely talented stencil artist and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. I was so excited with the gift that I decided to finish a piece that I was working on titled “Breakthrough” and it will be part of several new series and new techniques that I am working on. Make sure to check out more from Koleszar and his solo show which is still open.
February 2nd-28th; Gallery Hours: T-Sat, 10-5
Tryst Art Gallery @ Inspirador, 63 E. Boston St. Chandler, AZ 85225

Piece featured in “Shaded” Koleszar’s solo show.

Incredible piece which will soon be on my bedroom wall. Thanks so much John!!
PaperMonster piece titled “Breakthrough”
-Paper Monster


Stencil Group Show” Art Whino Gallery Opening Photos

November 16, 2008
This weekend was the opening of the Stencil Group Show for Art Whino Gallery and it has been one of my favorite shows this year. The show brings together stencil artists from all over the world into one collective space where people can truly take in the variety and ingenuity behind beautiful and raw stencil art. The entire collection will be opened until Dec 6th  with a special presentation by author of Stencil Nation, Russell Howze on November 23rd from 12-6pm.  You do not want to miss out on getting some affordable original works from some of the worlds most talented stencil artists including: PaperMonster, John Koleszar, LECKOmio, Chris Stain, Jef Aerosol,  E.L.K., Mefee, SOULE, Janet Bike Girl, Logan Hicks, Dave Lowell, Jazirock, Peter K, Billy Mode, PRVRT and many more.
John Koleszar and Stefan Winterle aka LECKOmio flew in for the show (John from Arizona and Stefan from Germany) and it was such a great experience to meet and work with them. They both helped a ton with the install and brought some incredible art to the event. I can not thank them enough for how big of a help they were and how honored I felt to be working with them. It was a pleasure and they are not just amazing stencil artists, they are amazing people. You can check out their work here: or
and or
Both are taking stencil art to new heights and pushing the envelope in terms of how intricate and mind blowing stencil art can become.

Check out pictures from the opening and the various artist installs of stencil art below::
(Click on images to view larger)

Ready for the opening.
LECKOmio (left) and Jef Aerosol (right)

Koleszar Install

Check out cans with can stencils on them.
Chris Stain
Janet “Bike Girl” and BlackBooks (above)

From left to right: Chris Stain, PaperMonster, E.L.K. and LECKomio

PaperMonster Install
PaperMonster Detail

Limited Edition Stencil pack made by BlackBooks of PaperMonster, ArtWhino and Scotch stencils.

LECKOmio Detail
His stencils have such quailty to them that they look like photographs.

Koleszar and Stefan/LECKOmio ready to tag.

Jazirock (left) and Koleszar (right)

PRVRT (left) and Billy Mode (right)
Peter K

Dave Lowell
Logan Hicks (above) and Blackbooks and Chris Stain (below)
PaperMonster signing
PaperMonster signing Sabotaz spraypaint
“When people don’t want to give you opportunities, STEAL THEM.” -PaperMonster
I said that once and I still believe that if you want something bad enough you have to do whatever it takes to reach your goal and continue your passion.

Pierre from and PaperMonster

Gabriella, Jazirock, and PaperMonster

Stefan aka LECKOmio and John KoleszarLECKOmio and PaperMonster Senior.
PaperMonster Senior is a master at hanging paintings!!

Packed house!!
-Paper Monster