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June 2010: PaperMonster’s Favorite Things

June 9, 2010
June is here and that means a new PaperMonster’s Favorite Things post! This month we have E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo),New Legend Of Zelda for the Wii 2010, Mario Galaxy 2, iPhone 4, a Hoverboard funtional concept, and some great sunglasses from Nooka. Check it out below:
E3 Opens June 14th and will host some of the most exciting news in gaming and entertainment that you will see this entire year. One of the rumors (confirmed by Game Stop) is a NEW Legend of Zelda Game for the Wii coming in November!! No images or videos have been released other than one piece of artwork which you can see below. For more info on E3 and all of the latest gaming and entertainment news visit:
who will stream many of the announcements LIVE.
More info on new Zelda coming soon!!
Last month I wrote about new the Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii and it is one word: AMAZING. If you have no reason to buy a Wii this is it. I have been playing the game for the past couple of days and it is pure genius. The creativity from Nintendo alone in some of these levels is wonderful. You can see for youself here:

Next up!!!!! One of the biggest announcements this month! The iPhone 4!! Now anything you knew about leaked photos or info does not even begin to explain the features and quality of this new phone. One of the major exciting features is a new addition called Facetime which is live video calling from iphone to iphone with the use of the front facing camera. Everything from the battery life, screen, camera (HD QUALITY VIDEO) and new operating system has been made better. Check out the full video of what is new from Apple and the new iPhone 4:

Artists Nils Guadagnin has put together this hoverboard concept that screams Back To The Future 2. Must check out this video:
Lastly Nooka just released phots of these new sunglasses they designed. I am a major fan of the design but the pricing not so much at $130. If you have the money and love the new eyewear release from Nooka visit: