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Tragic Earthquakes Strike Indonesia

October 20, 2009
A while back I posted some beautiful images sent over by Fiky in Indonesia of PaperMonster stickers by the coast. Since then, tragic earthquakes have done incredible damage and destruction within Indonesia including her home town of Padang. She was kind enough to send over some images to show the degree of damage and even some PaperMonster stickers that stand tall amongst the choas and rebuilding efforts. Please take time to read about the current state of Indonesia and the dramatic number of lives that have been taken reaching upwards of 700 people killed as a result of the earthquake. You can read more (HERE) and if you feel moved to donate and provide relief for Indonesia there is a very quick way to provide help to hundreds if not thousands through UNICEF. Find more information on donating at the following link:
Help Children Affected by Indonesia Earthquake
Image above via Associated Press article: HERE
Images sent over by Fiky of her town of Padang in Indonesia.