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Mompou Restaurant: Solo Exhibition PaperMonster

May 8, 2008
Earlier this week PaperMonster (myself) went into a rampage of painting. I have been working on group, solo shows, and other design projects for the past couple of weeks. I am doing a small exhibition of works for a restaurant. I will be sending over some pieces to to showcase some of the experimental works that I have created before my solo show with them. (very excited about those pieces) PaperMonster will be releasing two new t-shirt designs: one this week and another once DirtyPilot has posted the works in their group show section. Below are some preview images of the restaurant hanging.
I will be doing a solo exhibition for the restaurant from May 9th until June 5th.
It will take place in Mompou Restaurant:
Mompou Tapas Bar
77 Ferry Street
Newark, NJ
For purchase info contact:

Stenciling on grass is fantastic.
I truly love this space. It is just so beautiful. Must see!!

These paintings are 2 of almost 8 of the paintings on the top main floor. They all look fantastic under the lighting.

The restaurant has an incredible entrance that opens up to fresh fresh air. Truly a beautiful location.

Hope that you enjoy the images. I am working hard on writing much less and showing much more. Life is a work in progress. Stay tuned for a new T-shirt release celebrating the restaurant show.


Seed Gallery (Newark, NJ) Show feat. PaperMonster

February 19, 2008
Newark’s Seed Gallery ( is having an upcoming performance event this Friday, Feb 22nd from 8pm-3am. Gezim invited me to join the gallery and put some new pieces up. The actual gallery space is fantastic. It is huge. I put together a good range of pieces and prints using some freshly cut stencils and new patterns. The show will feature DJs, Drumming and Dancing, Projections, Videos, and many other performances as well as art installations. Here are the details of the show:
239 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102
$20 at door $16 with flyer

If you are in the area or are free on a Friday night head on over to the gallery and party!!! Here are some pictures of the hanging. Will be a great show!!

(click on the flyer to view more details)

This is a new stencil that I have been working on. It is so powerful. I will be making new sticker with just a black and white image of the foreground stencil.

Gezim provided me a perfect space. As soon as you enter the gallery BAMN side right wall.

These are four prints that I put together. All unique and 1 of 1, with each using an unique pattern. The canvas of the general is also new and it looks amazing up close.

Hanging paintings on brick is so hard. Especially when you bang your finger with a hammer.