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April 2, 2015

TBT. @shipdip rocking his @paper_monster swag @ Show and Tell Gallery 2009!!! Thanks so much for all of the support Jesse!! #tbt #PaperMonster #stencil #shirts #stencil #spraycan #stencils #streetart #spraypaint #stencilart #stencilartists #stencilgraffiti #streetartcollage #stencilrevolution #art #artlife #artshow #artcollection #gallery #galleryshow #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiworld #urbanart #urbancanvas #formatmag #swag #drawing


GoldCoin Clothing X PaperMonster Holiday 2009 Shirt

November 13, 2009
GoldCoin Clothing’ new Holiday 2009 line is now available. The line features some great shirts and crew sweaters as well as a special collaboration between GoldCoin (HERE) and PaperMonster. The PaperMonster T-shirt is available in two colorways and features PaperMonster’s distinct paper collage style. For more info visit:
Direct Link to PaperMonster T-Shirt Collaboration: HERE
Catch more images of the line below as well as some great reviews via FormatMag (HERE) and MashKulture (HERE)

Click on Image For: Format Mag Coverage of PaperMonster x GoldCoin Collaboration
Click on Image For: MashKulture Coverage of PaperMonster x GoldCoin Collaboration

PaperMonster x GoldCoin T-Shirt: White Colorway (HERE) or Black Colorway (HERE)




Site Round-up: PaperMonster

April 14, 2009
As promised I wanted to share some of my favorite sites to catch new art, music, and culture news from some of my friends all over the web. Check them out below and stay posted for some shots of new paintings from PaperMonster.
Fantastic brand Gold Coin that has a great blog. Must see.
Hope you enjoy



Photos: More Amazing Opening Photos of “Word Up?” Group Show

January 15, 2009
I just received some incredible photos send over by Jesse S. taken by Carl W. Heindl ( . Carl is an incredibly talented photographer and along with Jesse they captured the great opening of Show & Tell Gallery/Le Gallery “Word Up?” group show this past weekend. Catch the photos below and check out more from Carl over at:

Jesse showing off that PaperMonster Tee
Catch more of Jesse’s amazing contributions to FormatMag(HERE)

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did. I truly think they are jaw dropping. I love them.


FormatMag: New PaperMonster Interview

October 22, 2008
———————————————— (Here) just released their new issue containing interviews from PaperMonster, James Jarvis, Brixton, Laurel Nakadate, CreateBuildDestroy, Rehab Chicago, Tittsworth and Jeff Chang. Paper Monster’s interview has some great questions about the current state of street and stencil art as well as what drives and motivates PaperMonster. You can check out some screen grabs from the interview below as well as portions of the interview. For the entire interview visit:
Thanks FormatMag!!

For More Visit:

:::::Excerpt from the interview:::::

Format: Do you feel that having so called ’street art’ in galleries is making it more accessible or less accessible to its intended audience?
PaperMonster: This is really the “million dollar” question. As artists we are not just a product of what we create but we have risen to the level at which we are simply and only through our audience. The public can either make or break who we are. Through buying our work they fund us to progress and grow to different projects. Our audience moves our name and images across countries to a level that we could never do alone. Blek once told me that work in the street versus a gallery is as simple as having one hundred thousand people see your work in one day versus one hundred people viewing your work in a gallery. In both arenas you are touching people in different ways.

The essence of street art is decay and within a confined gallery space there is preservation. If you look at some major projects by two artist: Swoon and Os Gemeos you can see that when they were provided the space (Deitch Projects) they completely created an installation that was a world onto its own. This could never be done on the streets and it really illustrates the need for spaces where artists can grow and take their work to that next level. As artists we all crave recognition and the gallery space seems to provide a means of instant gratification as opposed to the street where in a matter of seconds your work can de destroyed. The solution, while not an exact science, is to maintain a healthy medium between the street and gallery space. If you accomplish and flourish in both, then the question of accessibility is gone. You maintain an audience as long as you keep people wondering “what is he going to do next?” and that is the ultimate goal…..longevity.
Catch more at

“I am 8-Bit” Aug 14th World of Wonder Storefront Gallery

August 12, 2008
These past weeks have been full of exciting shows and the upcoming “I am 8-bit” group show is no exception. The lineup of artists is huge and each of the pieces up for show will celebrate videogames to the highest level. It has been great to see such amazing press come out featuring my new stencil art painting “The Return of Samus.” If you are in the Hollywood, California area this is one show that you will not want to miss. Who knows you may see PaperMonster there!!
Here if the info and pictures of some of the press.
Be sure to check out my preview of the two PaperMonster stencil pieces for the show here:
i am 8-bit)

Opening Night Extravaganza
August 14, 2008
8 p.m. to Midnight

World of Wonder Storefront Gallery
6650 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, Cali.
-Paper Monster