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March 28, 2015

10 Years. This photo is from 2009. Through art I have made some incredible and extremely talented friends. Most of them use small knives to create intricate and beautiful stencils. Layers upon layers that develop into breathtaking images. In 2009 I created the “Friends With Knives”. A growing collection of artists with one goal; to show the world the value and beauty behind stencil art and stencil graffiti. The power that a simple stencil can have to change the world. Many thanks to @dirtypilotcom for giving us the first opportunity to share our work and to my friends @royschreuder @regantamanui @davelowell @benslow @billymode @a1oneakatanha @eyez @elkstencils and @lecko76 Looking forward to the future!!! #PaperMonster #stencil #stencils #streetart #stencilart #streetartists #stencilgraffiti #stencilrevolution #stencilartists #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiworld #urbanart #urbancanvas #canvas #knives #friendswithknives #dirtypilot #art #artlife #artshow #gallery #galleryshow #spraycan #spraypaint


March 28, 2015

10 Years. Nothing is promised. Throughout my life I have had incredible amounts of support. People who have taken a risk and believed in me. There are times where I look back and can’t thank people enough for how they have helped me develop as an artist. Galleries like Art Whino @artwhino Dirty Pilot @dirtypilotcom Parlor Gallery @parlorgallery and Metropolis Gallery @angelomadrigale opened so many wonderful doors and helped me mature as an artist. Every show I have I personally hand out stickers with my art work on them. I’ve had people throw out the stickers into the trash right in front of my face. You focus on the good. Hope that you will inspire. Some of the most meaningful emails I have received have been from teachers who use my paintings to teach their students about art. To all of you that have and continue to support me THANK YOU with all my heart!! #PaperMonster #stencil #stencils #stencilart #stencilart #streetartists #stencilgraffiti #streetartcollage #stencilrevolution #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiworld #art #artlife #artshow #artwhino #dirtypilot #parlorgallery #gallery #galleryshow #drawing #urbanart #urbancanvas #drawing #spraycan #spraypaint #canvas


Open: Mixed Messages feat Ben Frost, JoKa, Justin Lovator, Michael Owen, and PaperMonster

June 15, 2010
Mixed Messages (HERE) is officially open at (HERE) featuring great work from Ben Frost, Justin Lovato, Michael Owen, Joka, and PaperMonster. The work is fantastic and there are some really unique treats for anyone who is a fan of art. Check out the entire show at the link below:
Also, be quick and check out a special deal from PaperMonster on a custom skate deck!!
Check out some images of work in Mixed Messages below::
Ben Frost
Excellent piece by Joka
Michael Owen
Justin Lovato
Paper Monster

Photos: NY Art Book Fair 2009 @PS1ContempArt

October 5, 2009
I had the amazing opportunity to take part in the 2009 NY Art Book Fair signing copies of the Year One Rewind book by DirtyPilot (HERE) for the SCB Art Book Collection – Booth Z-01 alongside artists Cern, Daze, and Chris Stain. The fair had a huge amount of eye candy with books, zines, posters, and magazines featuring a wide range of art. I may be biased but our booth had the best collection of art books but maybe that is just my opinion. You can check out images of the fair below and even catch images of Martha Cooper signing copies of her books during the fair. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.
NY Art Book Fair @ PS1 Contemporary Art Center MOMA

PaperMonster signing copies of DirtyPilot Year One Rewind (HERE)
Cern, Martha Cooper, Alan (DirtyPilot), Chris Stain, PaperMonster, and Daze

Cern signing stickers for DirtyPilot

Fantastic books at our booth. Visual candy for anyone interested in art.

Martha Cooper signing her book Hip Hop Files (HERE) for a fan.

Friday, Oct 2nd NY Art Book Fair @ PS1 MOMA feat DirtyPilot, PaperMonster, Cern, Daze and Chris Stain

October 2, 2009
If you are in the NYC area make sure to stop by today at the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center for the NY Art Book Fair. PaperMonster, Cern, Daze and Chris Stain will be signing editions of DirtyPilot’s Year One Rewind Book. The event is completely open to the public and should be an amazing time to get some good thigns to read and meet some talented artists. Catch more info below:
Booth Z-01
Signing: 2-4pm / Friday, October 2nd
NY Art Book Fair
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (MoMA)
22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101



Chris Stain


Book Signing: “Year One Rewind” by DirtyPilot Oct 2nd @PS1 MOMA feat PaperMonster, Daze, Cern, and Chris Stain

September 29, 2009
On Friday, October 2nd PaperMonster (myself), Chris “Daze” Ellis, Chris Stain, and Cern YMI will be taking part in the Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair at the PS1 MOMA Contemporary Art Center (HERE) doing a book signing of’s (HERE) book “Year One Rewind.” All of the artists will be there from 2 to 4pm ready to sign books and PaperMonster will be there handing out free stickers and other goodies as well as some of the artists in attendace. If you are in the NYC area this is a great event to drop by even if you just want to say hello or catch the entire fair and its events. Catch info on the event below and images of each artist that will be at the book signing.
Location: P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (MoMA)
22-25 Jackson Ave
@the intersection of 46th Ave Long Island City,
NY 11101
Open to the public.
Via DirtyPilot: Year 1 Rewind presents the work of 15 of the artists that has showcased in its monthly online exhibitions during its inaugural year, beginning in May 2007. These works embrace a range of movements from graffiti, street and urban art to pop and and outsider art. Rendered in mediums, from spray paint, oil, acrylic, water color and mixed media, to simple pen and ink, graphic, silkscreen and other transfer methods.
Featured artists include up and coming talents along with established artists, such as Chris “Daze” Ellis, Kime Buzzelli, Bravo Jet, Albert Reyes, Papermonster, Chris Stain, Ghost,Cern YMI, Dennis McNett, Greg Gossel, Stephen Tompkins, Enrique Martinez, Justin Bua, Michael Krueger and Daniel Johnston. Both a contemporary representation of the most riveting urban art of our time and a frozen slice of art history that hundreds of thousands of urban art collectors and aficionados who frequent can enjoy today and tomorrow. This diverse body of artwork also stands as an enlightening sampling for collectors and art students unfamiliar with urban motifs.
DirtyPilot’s “Year One Rewind” Book
Graffiti Artist::Cern
Stencil Artist: Chris Stain
Graffiti Artist: Daze
Stencil Artist: PaperMonster

Interview: @SensesLost with PaperMonster on “Friends with Knives” Stencil Group Show

September 24, 2009
I had the pleasure to sit down with Senses Lost (HERE) and chat about the process of curating the “Friends With Knives” Stencil Group Show current open at (HERE). The interview covers everything from the styles of stencil art I wanted to highlight in the show as well as the my thoughts on the future of stencil graffiti. Here is a short excerpt from the interview: To read more visit:
::Via SensesLost:::
Explain the concept behind “Friends with Knives Show”?
The entire concept behind the “Friends with Knives” show is ultimately about diversity. When I was approached to curate a stencil group show through I wanted to have stencil artists that really cover a wide range of styles. We are all individuals and have taken the fundamentals from cutting thick pieces of cardboard with a kitchen knife to making beautiful works of art……
“As stencil artists we have a common bond and we know the hardships and struggles that come with the work that we do. The process of cutting stencils can be grueling but at the same time it is extremely difficult to gain respect and admiration for the huge amount of work and dedication that we put in from the art world at large.” -PaperMonster

Also, I want to send a HUGE thanks to everyone who covered the show on sites all over!!

Click on Image To Visit: CyanaTrendland

Click on image to visit MonsterFresh.

Huge thanks to ProjectCyan (HERE), JoyEngine (HERE), AGuyNamedVernonMac (HERE), CyanaTrendland (HERE), Prefuse (HERE), Stencil (HERE), YouLookNow (HERE), OurHype (HERE), StencilHistory X (HERE), ToysREvil (HERE), Feed Your Wall (HERE), TheBlot Says (HERE), SpankyStokes (HERE), GoldCoin (HERE), KillahBeez (HERE), NewYork-Tokyo (HERE), Poster District (HERE), LeasedFerrari (HERE), PostersAndPrint (HERE), MissOnMedia (HERE), MonsterFresh (HERE), Juxtapoz (HERE), IllicitExhibitions (HERE) and everyone else who covered the show. To view links to all my friends check out the sidebar to view the amazing work they put in every day.




NOW OPEN: “Friends With Knives” Stencil Group Show @DirtyPilot

September 18, 2009
I am extremely happy to annouce that the “Friends With Knives” stencil group show (HERE) is now officially OPEN. Seeing the show, I was immediately impressed by the work that all of the artists put in and the layout of the show is fantastic. You have to see it for yourself. Check out the entire show featuring over 60 stencil art pieces from 15 incredibly talented stencil artists at the following link:
:::Click on the images below to view the entire show NOW:::

:::Click on the images below to view the entire show NOW:::

Sept18th: “Friends With Knives” Stencil Group Show @DirtyPilot feat PaperMonster

September 14, 2009 (HERE) will open the “Friends With Knives” Stencil Group Show on September 18th curated by PaperMonster will feature stencil artists from around the world including: LECKOmio, E.L.K., SOULE, Peat Wollaeger, PaperMonster, L.E.T. , Nathan Phaneuf , A1One , Billy Mode, Ben Slow, Koleszar, Dave Lowell, Mefee, Roy Schreuder, and HAHA. Putting the show together along with DirtyPilot, I wanted to showcase a broad range of stencil art styles and techniques including photo-realism, pop, and political stencil works that emphasize the power behind stencil art. As a group I feel like we all have something very valuable to offer to the art world. We all work extremely hard and deserve larger venues to showcase our talents. Some of the artists name you will recognize right away and some you will want to keep a close eye out for in the years to come. Catch images of the pieces that I (PaperMonster) will have in the show.
For More Info Visit:

PaperMonster- Whatever She Likes
24″ x 30″ Stencil Collage On Canvas
PaperMonster- Comfort
22″ x 28″ Stencil Collage On Canvas
PaperMonster-Never Again
24″ x 30″ Stencil Collage On Canvas

PaperMonster- Skin Deep
24″ x 30″ Stencil Collage On Canvas


Video: PaperMonster Limited Ed Print & DirtyPilot Deluxe Edition Book

April 23, 2009


I have put together a short video of the PaperMonster x DirtyPilot Prints. Enjoy




ON SALE: DirtyPilot “Year One Rewind” Book (DELUXE EDITION) feat PaperMonster Stencil Print

April 5, 2009
The new Dirty Pilot “Year One Rewind” Book has just gone on SALE here:

You can purchase the Deluxe Edition of the book which will be signed by various artist and you can choose your pick of one of three limited edition prints. I (PaperMonster) have created a print which features a two color design with a third color hand stencil embellishment. You can catch more details below. Make sure to order the book as soon as possible as the edition of my Paper Monster print is only a size of 50 prints!! For More Visit (HERE).:::: is releasing our first hardcover book
Titled “YEAR ONE REWIND” each Deluxe Edition Book will be signed by various artists
(at random) and will also come with your choice of one of 3 limited edition prints

GHOST Print – 8″x10″, archival Pigment print, hand signed and numbered. Edition size 50
ALBERT REYES print- 8″x10″, One color silkscreen with hand embellishing. Edition size 50
PAPERMONSTER Print- 8″x10″ 2 color silkscreen, hand stencil embellishing. Edition size 50

Year One Rewind featured artists include up and coming talents along with established artists, such as Chris “Daze” Ellis, Kime Buzzelli, Bravo Jet, Albert Reyes, Papermonster, Chris Stain, Ghost, Ewok 5MH, Cern YMI, Dennis McNett, Greg Gossel, Stephen Tompkins, Enrique Martinez, Justin Bua, Michael Krueger and Daniel Johnston

A sturdy, 96 page hardcover compellation of shows, Year One Rewind dedicates from two to six pages of illustrations of each showcased artist as well as the dates the artists showed their work on It also delivers biographical sketches on each contributor. The book’s introduction by offers insightful background information on the origin and focal point of the Dirtypilot site. If you’re passionate about urban art and urban artists and want to learn more, Year One Rewind is a visual treasure trove for collectors that you won’t want to be without

Co- Published and Distrubuted by Last Gasp

PaperMonster Print Edition Size 50
Albert Reyes Print Edition Size 50
Ghost Print Edition Size 50


h1 GroupShow feat. PaperMonster and New Sticker Release!!

July 11, 2008
PaperMonster has just put together a new sticker based off the stencil art piece “First Date” which will be show during the Melbourne Stencil Festival starting August 1-10th. It is going to be a huge festival and the art should be mind blowing. Also, I received come amazing information on the group show coming up for Dirty ( titled “See you in September” from July 16- September 16 including artist such as: Albert reyes, Matt Furie
Aiyana Udesen, Chris Stain, Cycle, DAZE, Kime Buzzelli, Ewok 5MH, Michael Krueger, Daniel Johnston, PaperMonster, Gerald Lopez, Mark Todd, Jason Chase
Also, in conjunction with the Hobbs Gallery
Judith Supine, Andrew Schoultz, William Buzzel, and more…
If you as me that list of artist sounds magical!!! Looks to be a monumental show for Check out the banner below:::

(keep your eyes open for PaperMonster stickers in your city!!)

Incredible list of artist coming up for the next Dirty Pilot show.




DirtyPilot Group Show Feat. PaperMonster and Coverage on Metropolis Gall

July 7, 2008
There are many new shows and projects taking place in these upcoming months. One of them is an exciting group show coming up with with a great list of artist. I will be posting more details as soon as I get more information, but you can check out two of my pieces for the show below. Both pieces were inspired by the upcoming Olympics taking place on 8.8.08. About two summers ago I had the opportunity to visit Beijing and travel through China. It is absolutely beautiful but while there will be a celebration of sporting events there are also many issues within the country as any country which will be overshadowed. These two pieces attempt at speaking to what is going on at a deeper level within the country. Check out more below. (Click on images to view larger)

This is the first time that I have put an actual stencil within a piece. This piece is within a large black frame and the glass is painted while the stencil is floating inside.

Details of larger image.

This is the canvas piece after using the stencil which is held in the frame in the first piece.

More details of the piece.

Also check out the fantastic post of PaperMonster’s stencil art over at Thanks Katie!! Catch the post here: (

Mompou Restaurant: Solo Exhibition PaperMonster

May 8, 2008
Earlier this week PaperMonster (myself) went into a rampage of painting. I have been working on group, solo shows, and other design projects for the past couple of weeks. I am doing a small exhibition of works for a restaurant. I will be sending over some pieces to to showcase some of the experimental works that I have created before my solo show with them. (very excited about those pieces) PaperMonster will be releasing two new t-shirt designs: one this week and another once DirtyPilot has posted the works in their group show section. Below are some preview images of the restaurant hanging.
I will be doing a solo exhibition for the restaurant from May 9th until June 5th.
It will take place in Mompou Restaurant:
Mompou Tapas Bar
77 Ferry Street
Newark, NJ
For purchase info contact:

Stenciling on grass is fantastic.
I truly love this space. It is just so beautiful. Must see!!

These paintings are 2 of almost 8 of the paintings on the top main floor. They all look fantastic under the lighting.

The restaurant has an incredible entrance that opens up to fresh fresh air. Truly a beautiful location.

Hope that you enjoy the images. I am working hard on writing much less and showing much more. Life is a work in progress. Stay tuned for a new T-shirt release celebrating the restaurant show.


PaperMonster Solo Show Preview Pics!!

April 29, 2008
————————————————A lot of exciting things are going on and I wanted to post some very sneaky preview images of some things which I have been working on. First up to bat is the PaperMonster solo show for It will be an amazing solo show with a huge range of pieces on basically every surface imaginable except for polar bear skin. You will truly see what PaperMonster is all about!! Expect to see everything from drawings to pieces on wood, plastic, and canvas. Catch some of the snaps below.

New PaperMonster sticker. Catch one at your local street corner or sign post.

Does anyone call collect anymore?

New pieces and cutouts.

Photoshop can make anything look like plastic!!! Is that wood grain?

This is one of a new set of drawings that I am putting together. I focused a lot on the background detail.

(4 out of ???) drawings which should look incredible once finished. Detail? You will just have to wait and see.

What is underneath all of the cutouts?? More paper?
Stay posted for more news and future preview shots before the show in August. Check out to catch their current shows.