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Opening Photos: Metropolis Gallery- Joseph To & Rob Sato curated by David Choe

September 9, 2009
Although I could not make it to the recent opening I had to steal a ton of photos from Metropolis Gallery’s Flickr of their Rob Sato and Joseph To show curated by David Choe. The opening looks like it was an amazing time. For more visit:

David Choe, Rob Sato, Joseph To, and Angelo from Metropolis Gallery

Joseph To
Is David Choe getting his nails done? AWESOME
Harry Kim

I have never seen the Metropolis Gallery without furniture.
 Big change for a HUGE opening.

Gallery Guide: Metropolis Gallery Sept 4 Rob Sato and Joseph To Curated by David Choe

August 24, 2009
Metropolis Gallery (HERE) is setting up to have a wonderful show opening September 4th curated by David Choe (HERE) featuring works from Rob Sato (HERE) and Joe To (HERE). Metropolis is an awesome spot that brings together both a retail store and art gallery in one seamless concept/space. I had one of my first solo shows at Metropolis in late 2008 I could not believe the huge crowd that came by. I am sure this opening will also be huge. Metropolis Gallery can be found all over the new September issue of Juxtapoz Magazine alongside the Rob Sato and Joe To interview by David Choe. Catch some images below. This is my first of the many upcoming gallery guide post that I will be conducting to showcase some of my favorite upcoming art events and spaces that work extremely hard to put on some of the most beautiful shows.
Metropolis Gallery
154 N. Prince St. Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: 717 572 9961 – Hours: Mon-Sat:11-6
Metropolis Gallery:

Juxtapoz Issue # 104 September 2009 featuring Rob Sato and Joe To Interview by David Choe

Rob Sato

Joe To

Click on flyer to view larger.